EA Access sets a BAD precedent for gamers

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IF EA is successful with their "service" it sets a bad precedent.

Because other developers chasing that pot would now start trying to implement their own service.

Imagine if you now needed a sub to play a Ubisoft game, and another sub to play an Activision game and so on and so on?

Use your brains for more then a hat rack, is that something you want in the future?

Imagine also having to pay subscribtion costs for every new game you bougbt because EA access took off

Well thats what would happened IF the EA service is successful. It will set that precedent for others to follow suit. It figures EA and Microsoft are partners because both only want to fuck consumers over and set bad nickle and diming precedents

i dont want any part of a gaming future like that

And IM GLAD Sony is trying to put a stop to it

Sony is literally the saviors of gaming

I already pay for PSN+ which offers me far greater value then most other paid services. I dont want extra sub costs for medoicre EA games

Sony not allowing EA to enforce their nickle and dimimg service IS PRO consumer in the long term and will benefit all gamers in the end. THINK long term

Only Sony can STOP EA from setting that precedent. So we MUST ALL GET BEHIND Sony and tell EA and Microsoft to fuck off with their anti-consumer practices and precedents

Real GAMERS would NOT support what EA and Microosft are trying to do on xbone

REAL gamers would SUPPORT Sony stoping EA from setting a bad precedent

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get down mr precedent

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You NEED 500 post to CREATE a thread on System WARS

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I for one would love a subscription based for everything

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Your crazy OP one you don't need EA access to play EA games they are just trying to get back used game sales. For $30 a year less than half the cost of a new game you get some value....I'm interested in where this may go. I'd be down for some EA, Activision and Ubisoft access :)

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Its Bro-fists!

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I have over 500 posts. Don't worry OP, I'll start a similar topic of my own if this one gets closed.

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