Dungeon Order? Check, Playing Alone?

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Back in January 2012 Nintendo put a Nintendo Direct in the late. They announced a bunch of stuff but the more interesting was the subtle Zelda news.

Aunoma said that they wanted to expand and "Rethink the conventions of Zelda", which are things we take for granted.

This is the chart Aunoma showed.

As you can see, Link Between Worlds not only gave you freedom of choosing the order of dungeons, but the entire game itself was much more open world in terms of structure giving you freedom that the past games didnt. and we can clearly think it might return for Wii U Zelda.

But what about that second one? "Play by yourself", it could mean Multiplayer, but considering the 4 Swords Adventures already exist, this set up could be for 3D Zelda in general.

What do you guys think?

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I'm personally fine with dungeons being done in order because at the end of the day you still go through the same dungeons anyways so it's not a biggie. Only downside is that the dungeons have to be made accessible from the beginning in which case sometimes it felt like they was seriously dumbed down. I beat 1 dungeon in less than 5 minutes and another in less than 15 in the dark world.

As for playing together, Four Swords was fun on the GBA didn't play the GC one.

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Not sure.

Would I like this openess to be conveyed to the next console Zelda? Yeah. Would I make it harder than the easy dungeons of LBW? Yeah. Does that mean LBW didn't have some great dungeons? Fuck no.

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To be fair, handheld Top Down Zelda's dont usually have such majorly designed dungeons like 3D Zelda's.

Four Sword Adventures took a different approach as one can play as all 4 Links for an interesting Single Player.

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Yes, take A Link Between Worlds and translate its greatness to a console Zelda game, I beg you, Nintendo.

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lol, open world for j-dev means you get to tick off the boxes in order or you can trick it up and tick them off in random order.

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I think I would just prefer not having multiplayer. I also really don't care at all about being able to play dungeons in any order. It would be much better, imo, for Nintendo to keep the game linear and actually make the later dungeons challenging.

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Not exactly, comparing Link between Worlds to say Skyward Sword or even Twilight Princess, your not restricted, your not stopped to do stuff in one area and cant go to any other areas until allowed, Link Between Worlds isnt just about its Dungeon order, you can just explore and do what you want, and you get rewarded for it.