Does Wii u need price drop?

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Posted by FreedomFreeLife (2501 posts) 10 months, 26 days ago

Poll: Does Wii u need price drop? (70 votes)

No, 300 us dollars is just fine 14%
Yes, 250 us dollars 23%
Yes, 200 us dollars 30%
Yes, 150 us dollars 24%

Well PS4 cost is 399 us dollars and Wii U is 300 dollars. Wii U gameplay pad costs over 100 dollars which means if Wii U came without gamepad then it would cost less than 200 dollar which is same price as Wii.

So yeah, no gameplay = 200 dollar console price. Making price same high almost like PS4 with having no blu-ray, no online, very small harddrive, bad grahpics, lack of games and stuff, no wondering why Wii U is flop.

Right now Nintendo selling Wii U at price 300 us dollars and every console sold is loss. If they cut Wii U and sold at 200 dollars then they even would make some profit.

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@HarlockJC said:

They are still selling at a loss, so I am not sure how much more Nintendo can afford to drop the price when they are already losing money.

No, no they are not. Sony is, actually. Nintendo is making a profit despite the Wii U 'failing'. The Wii U hasn't failed at all, just wait SIX ****** YEARS and then see what happens.

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I might consider Wii for $100 and even then it would just be an impulse buy. Platform literally nothing to offer me at the moment. Zelda and Metroid are the only Nintendo IPs l like.

#53 Posted by airshocker (29833 posts) -

I think the console is pretty much dead in the water. Even with a price cut there simply aren't titles to support healthy sales.

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at £200 for a 32GB with a game I will be far more likely to pick it up.

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WiiU needs either

- Price drop to 150$, in which case i would buy one for Zelda WW remake

- No price drop, but a proper real new, proven great Zelda, in which case i would instantly buy the system at its current price

I am never buying a Nintendo home console again just thinking that Zelda will be good, since i did not like either Zelda TP or Zelda SS much, Nintendo has lost that "blind buy" edge they had back in Zelda OOT, MM and WW days

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And I would like a PS4 for $200 too

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Getting rid of the Gamepad and removing retarded gimmicks would be a good step. Mario 3D World had elements like blowing into fans that required the gamepad. They need to scrap that shit.

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It needs to dump it's Gamepad and it would drop by say 50 or 100 then I might get one but at this moment in time no chance.

#59 Posted by locopatho (20345 posts) -

200 or lower. I got mine for 180 euros with ZombiU and Pro Controller. Below 200 is "impulse buy" territory for me. Wouldn't spend 250 - 350 on a WiiU.

#60 Posted by ristactionjakso (5730 posts) -

$250 sounds fair......but they also need phucking games. Nintendo only cares about the 3ds for the time being.

#61 Posted by meluvulongtime8 (1391 posts) -

I think it's a bit too pricey with their gimped network, underpowered console, and gimmicky gamepad. $250 seems about right. The gamepad seems like a cool idea, but there's little implementation of use for the thing and the battery life sucks. It adds too much expense to the system which could get along just fine with the pro controller or just a wiimote. I'm cool with playing nintendo games in HD, but it certainly only seems on par with the PS3 and 360 graphically and can't compare to either network.

#62 Posted by silversix_ (14776 posts) -

To $149.99 and a message written on the box 'PLEASE BUY ME'

#63 Posted by foxhound_fox (88648 posts) -

No, not really. It just needs more games and better advertising. Bring out enough games and people will want one. Put a stop to the Wii-addon confusion and people will realize they want one. Anti-Nintendo fanboys will continue to deny themselves enjoyable experiences because they are scared of their childishness.

A price drop doesn't necessarily lead to more sales. People still won't buy one if there isn't games on it they want and/or if they think it's just something you use with your Wii.

#64 Posted by DocSanchez (1629 posts) -

@foxhound_fox: It's just a fantasy to say there is a quick fix to this. Nintendo have a very poor image among gamers.

Sony didn't need more games to outsell the wii u already after two months. They have a small library so far but people have faith in them. Gamers know what a wii u is. They simply don't want one. Because Nintendo has an image problem both with gamers and developers.

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People will probably feel it does not need a price drop, but even though I am now at the point where I could afford a Wii U, I see no value in purchasing it for the price alone. But I understand why Nintendo will not lower the price for whatever reason.

#66 Posted by ShepardCommandr (2732 posts) -

If i could get 32gig model for 200 then maybe i would consider it.