Does Sony owe Vita owners an apology?

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#51 Edited by Netret0120 (2199 posts) -

No need for an apology. It's not like you were forced to buy it. It's your decision.

An apology is only needed if they deliberately decide to stop supporting it after less than a year on the market.

#52 Posted by FlamesOfGrey (7511 posts) -

No, they don't. Nintendo doesn't owe me an apology because I bought the Wii U and I think it's a piece of **** outside of the one game I'm looking forward to (Bayonetta 2).

People should wait and see how a product turns out before they buy it. If they don't then it's tough luck.

#53 Posted by Kjranu (1029 posts) -

PS Vita is only getting rehases, poor quality ports, and nonexistent support from Sony concerning quality first party game (unless you count once in a blue moon, KZ: Mercenary and other forgettable experiences). That is indisputable and I say this as an owner of a white Vita that was bundled with AC:Liberation (that game blows, hard, fyi).

#54 Posted by j2zon2591 (2239 posts) -

I think that's worse than staying quiet and doing cheaper life-support stuff.