Do you think the 8th generation consoles will be the last?

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Claims have been made that the eighth generation of video game consoles will face stiff competition from the smartphone, tablet, and Smart TV gaming markets.Due to the proliferation of these devices, some analysts speculate the eighth generation to be the last generation of home consoles.In 2013, gaming revenue on Android overtook portable game console revenue, while remaining a distant second to iOS gaming revenue. In FY 2013 (ending early 2013), Nintendo sold 23.7 million consoles of any type,while Apple sold 58.2 million units of the more expensive iPad alone in FY 2012 (ending late 2012).

Do you think the 8th generation console will be the last?

This does sound familiar. The same people who claim the PC have been dying since 1985, is now saying the home consoles will end because of smartphones and tablets.

Not sure that is really true since Grand Theft Auto V made $1 billion in three days. I own a smartphone, it haven't yet caused me to throw out my PC, I'm sure people with consoles wont do the same.

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Even if hypothetically, this is the last generation of consoles Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony will then simply make gaming tablets that have the features and functionality of home consoles in a tablet form, with physical buttons I might add. Think of it as a Wii-U but with all the hardware in the actual controller, and possibly a box that connects to your television that allows you to insert discs and receives a video stream from the tablet to display on the television, or functions as a docking station, if you cannot display directly to the television from the tablet. I don't see smartphones taking over home consoles due to power, size, and battery constraints, but tablets could.

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Yes, unless something revolutionary happens that consoles will only have.

By 2016, mobile tech will be miles ahead of the game.

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after experiences how stupid games on smartphone and facebook ............. i can assure you humans than there will be at least 9th and 10th gen ..... until graphic reach to the level of our normal eyeview

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Probably not.

Who knows, maybe this console gen, hackers would not be able to spread piracy for it and may look appealing to some publishers.

Then again, PC still thrives when piracy is the easiest.

I think there will still be a home console gen after this unless 2 things.

1.) People starting buying $ 39.99 - $ 59.99 games on iOS/Android.

2.) Controllers become completely mainstream for mobile devices.

For Cloud Gaming. I think we still have a decade in order to have global infrastructure up to snuff (and cost effective).

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Not at all. Mainly, I doubt tablets will replace stationary gaming platforms.

Though do expect a big change. Consoles replaced arcades. So something will eventually replace consoles.

What could happen is that PC's will be the main platform and Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft will simply sell their rights and services as software.

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No. I think dedicated gaming devices will still exist. The only threat to its immediate demise is the advent of cloud gaming (streaming) and that tech is still underdeveloped on a QA level.

I do believe Valve is set to become a major player in reshaping the console market with SteamOS, however.

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people who write those claims are just trying to get hits to their website, it's their job.

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Who knows. A lot changed in this gen, next gen will change even quicker!

But if you want to know whether they will be replaced by tablets and shit? No. That won't be why consoles would end.

Consoles may evolve into something else, but it's hard to imagine, a lot changes in 8+ years these days.

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I highly doubt this will be the last generation. Even if Sony/Microsoft left Nintendo would still keep making them for at least another 15 years.

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Please stop seriously as soon as you wrote about smartphones and all that i stopped, mobile gaming is rubbish, it's a quick fix when going about, the only reason it's massive is because so many people have phones, the problem companies think it's the next big thing and are trying to bring it into the home with consoles like ouya and even madcatz bringing one out with all the others inbetween, the thing is no one wants to play mobile games at home, it just isn't any good, home consoles are in a league of there own, and nothing will stop it, consoles will always be around because it's a cheap way of playing top of the range games and stories if you can't afford a gaming pc.

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As PC becomes even more accessible the console as we know it will become less and less relevant.... Tough to predict but yeah ten years from now with a gun to my head I'd guess there may be one last generation that slides us into a fully digital future.

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No. People also said mobile would kill handheld gaming, and look how wrong that has been with the 3DS.

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Are you kidding, RPGamer? Mobile devices have already begun taking over handheld gaming. Nintendo has lost a ton of marketshare to IOS and Android, and it will only get worse.

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@farrell2k said:

Are you kidding, RPGamer? Mobile devices have already begun taking over handheld gaming. Nintendo has lost a ton of marketshare to IOS and Android, and it will only get worse.

Do you have proof of this? Nintendo is handling well with the 3DS and now that the 2DS is out with Pokemon, Nintendo hasn't lost anything. Not to mention that 3DS is pacing much higher than before.

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Until internet becauses accesable 2 everyone or chips become upgradeable. Juat by updates. Then that will be the last

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This Gen will be a slow start for all manufacturers. It will take time for Gen 8 consoles to sell above 40 mill, then console prices will drop to get an increase above 60-80 mill before Gen 9 starts.

Overall, the entry level market will NOT accept buying game consoles over $300. They like consoles cheap and simple which will sell. PS4 is targeted for the Mainstream market while the Xbone is targeted for the High end market. As for Nintendo, well they failed to appeal to both entry and mainstream level with the Wii U and only a niche of hardcore Nintendo Fans is buying the Wii U (Flameshield ready)

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The consoles will eventually be squeezed out of the market at the rate they're going because they're just losing more and more of what made them relevant in the past.

But it's mostly just the idea of a piece of static, never-changing hardware plugged into the tv that I think will change. It's entirely possible for Sony/MS/Nintendo to make a product that meets the demands of the current console market, and also meets the demands of the mobile/tablet market.

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yes but sony and nintendo will shift to be more of a software companies so i think will continue to get their games.

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Hopefully not

I can't live wzout SW

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Hmm...I think there's a chance it might, but not a big one.

I would say 9th gen will propably be the last ne though.

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No way. Maybe after PS5 then one should ask this question. Global Internet just isn't ready for cloud gaming not even in the foreseeable future.