Do Sony fanboys tarnish the playstation brand?

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Arrogance does come with popularity. Rewind to the beginning of last gen and the arrogance swayed the other way.

If you read through my posts, they seem very much pro Sony but in reality are pro gamer. I spent 12 years gaming on Microsoft consoles and have seen M$ really start to screw their fans over during the 360 generation. It started out small and blew up so big that myself and many others will only be buying PS4's this time around.

And for all the arrogance around the net, Microsoft really has nobody to blame but themselves. Especially since the Xbox One is not nearly as cutting edge as the first two consoles.

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@thedork_knight: uncharted 3 getting a 10 from ign is one sign of you talking complete nonsense.

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@mems_1224 said:

@Vatusus said:

Nope. Cows are just better trolls so they p*ss more people off. Lems are just butthurt crybabies

When it comes to anoyance hermits are definitely the worst.

Sheep... those do even exist? I think they're just a myth

Yea but you like killzone so your opinion doesn't even matter. I wouldn't even count you as a real person tbh.

Oh, you hurt my feewings :'(

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between all fanboys, i find lemmings to be the worst, then cows. sheeps are my least hated, and hermits are just hermits. lemmings will claim ownage if its against cows, but fail to ignore hermits.....that still baffles me

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@thedork_knight: uncharted 3 getting a 10 from ign is one sign of you talking complete nonsense.

Sorry it was Eurogamer and the point still stands so I ain't talking nonsense

eurogamer gave uncharted 3 a 8/10 and they received death threads from cows

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This is why cows are the worse

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So we are supposed to believe that the same gaming media who:

●tries to downplay every advantage the PS4 has over the xbone; even went out of their way to claim that a 50-60% advantage in performance for the PS4 meant little, and that 1080p now doesnt matter while implying 720p on xbox is better


●tried to defend Microsoft's grotesque anti-consumer DRM and always online schemes

IS going to review PS4 games fairly? Yeah, im not buying that one bit.

-The same gaming media who rushes to Microsoft's defense at evey turn

-The same gaming media who tries to downplay everything Playstation

Can people not put two and two together to get four anymore? This is getting ridiculous

There was a PAID ADD for RYSE right there front and center in IGN's review of Killzone.

You want to know what that means? It means Microsoft paid IGN for that add; thats how IGN makes their money - now we are getting into "bribing teriority" ...and IGN put that PAID FOR ADD of RYSE right there in their review of Killzone. How much more blatant and shady can you get.

Gamespot giving Killzone a 7? Thats just blatant hate. Look how much effort went into making Killzone. Makes me sad to see how unfailry GG games is getting mistreated due to political BS in the gaming media.

When the barebones QTE riddled Rysegets good reviews just for looking good and being a "showpiece" title, while Killzone- the best looking next gen launch game by miles still gets shunned by critics, THAT will confirm everything and prove there is a agenda in gaming media(against Playstation and for the sleazy Microsoft)

Are the same gaming "journalists" who penalised a PS4 game for any little flaw they could find going to give Dead Rising 3 good reviews when Dead Rising 3 is having severe performance issues? That will confirm it too.

I mean Forza is more of the same old -same old, but I bet these called gaming "reviewers" will eat it up because it has the Microsoft name attached to its box.

As gamers we owe it to ourselfes to speak out against this BS. As a gamer of over 15 years it irks me to see whats going on, how Microsoft just buys away everything. This must be stopped. We as gamers NEED to speak out. Do not allow any xbox shills or diehardxboners to silence you

And my recommendation to you is, dont listen to any of these reviews of PS4 games, If YOU are interested in a PS4 game, rent it- get it, what ever you can do, PLAY it for yourself, enjoy it, come to your own conclusions

Anyway, these so called reviews arent going to deter me. Still got Killzone and Knack pre-orderd. Cant wait to play them! Happy Playstation day! Just 2 more days baby!

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it's a miracle this thread hasn't been locked yet with the excuse of: this is system wars not fanboys wars.

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Their big launch exclusives flopping has done nothing to improve their disposition.

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@Ragnarok1051 said:

All fanboys are terrible, and yes that includes you.

I would agree with this statement.

Any fanboy, any FANATICAL fanboy, can ruin the image of a community. In the worst cases, yes, it can even ruin the image of an entire brand.

After all, a handful of whiny kids on Xbox Live has been greatly exaggerated to the point that people believe it's populated entirely BY whiny kids.

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Cows are the worst in this site since forever.

I can't say if that's the case on other sites.

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I think people here in general give gaming a bad name. Luckily its just SW, some do it for the laughs, and other take it a bit too seriously. But no I've never meet anyone, who acts like they act here. So no I dont think anyone here gives anyone a bad name. Its all just a game.

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Eh a lot of times the fans of certain things are bad. Some are also fairly productive and a good asset to the brand as well.

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Seem to be doing a pretty good job to me. Just sayin.

No preference of console by the way. Just showing the facts

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Well, they've certainly tarnished this site.

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Not fanboy wars and don't bump old threads.