Digital Foundry "Theif better on Xbone" Suspicious Claim

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"So the PS4 version runs at a higher resolution and has a better framerate yet the Xbone version is better according to "Digital Foundry" Say what? What bullshit."

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So PS4:

-Full 1080p

-Trilinear filtering

-Steadier Framerate (>24fps)

Xbox One:

- 900p

-16x anisotropic filtering

- drops to 20's

Yet the Xbox One > PS4, huh Digital Foundry?

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Get mad

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@treedoor said:

Get mad

What is there to be mad about. Theif is a visually unimpressive Unreal Engine 3 game and they couldnt even hit 1080p on XB1 lol

They enabled Anisotropic Filtering on PS4 (one of the most inexpensive settings to crank up on PC, I might add) and yet the PS4 version is still nearly "identical" to the xbone version despite the PS4 having SIGNIFICANT much more power then the xbone

The PS4 version was "held back." People need to call this out.

At the end of the day, both console versions suffer from aliasing issues and frequent framedrops though. You xboners are campaigning this shitty game around as some sort of "victory." Pathetic

And that said, if you even read the text, the PS4 version ekes out the XB1 version. 1080p vs 900p and a better (albeit also shitty) framerate certainly trumps anisotropic filtering.

Digital Foundry still finds the xbone better despite the PS4 version having slightly better everything. How much more blatant can they get

The article should have just lead with both versions being garbage instead of trying to evelate one shitshow over the other.

Digital Foundry is a joke and has been exposed numerous times in the past for shilling out for Microsoft. Never TRUST anything PRO-xbone that Digital Foundry claims

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Quit whining. PS4 version is complete and utter garbage. Deal with it.

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