Difference btwn 1080p & 720p is barely noticeable unless ...

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I upgraded to a 1080p TV after all these years and I can honestly say: unless you sit very close, you could barely tell the difference. You'd really have to try. So why does SW consider this a contentious issue? Wouldn't it be better to keep 720p and just focus on high frame rate? Doesn't seem like most people would really care.

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You had a 720p TV?

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Because 1080p is always clearer by the sheer fact of numbers, Whether you notice a difference or not is irrelevant

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next thing up from the peasant gallery: 30fps to 60fps has no difference, the human eye only sees 24!

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Because I use a monitor

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It's barely noticeable unless you have functional eyes. :)

Congrats on the new TV, btw. :)

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Ugh... I have 100% functional eyes they work great. And I can tell you 1080p is leagues better then 720p and 1440p even better then 1080p. I wonder how many people who make these threads have to wear glasses?

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This isn't thread worthy discussion.