Did you know MS wanted to buy Nintendo and Sega?

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MS offered to buy Nintendo for 25 billion dollars? http://slashdot.org/story/02/04/28/0234201/how-microsoft-tried-to-buy-nintendo

It's funny because the market cap for Nintendo is only 15 billion today.

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I wonder how much the Mario and Pokemon IPs alone are worth, probably billions.

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Yeah, that is like over a decade old news.

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Did you know that the Sony used to work with Nintendo to implement a cd player for the SNES?


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Good time for MS to make the offer once again. Nintendo can be a subsidiary of MS.

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Thank God that did not happen. Competition is good for consumers

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I'd prefer Nintendo working with Sony. A richer history between those two, both good and bad.

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@Szminsky: good? Those snes taxes on their Sony imagesoft games along with getting better support from Philips in medics formats while Nintendo made deals behind their backs is not a good relationship.