Did anybody enjoy Killzone Shadow Fall?

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So I finally just finished the campaign to Killzone Shadow Fall, and while I will say the multiplayer is fun and the game is beautiful to look at, holy crap, that had to have been one of the most unenjoyable FPS campaigns I have ever played. I'll admit this was my first Killzone experience, so maybe that played in to it, but playing this game felt like an absolute chore. The story did absolutely nothing for me, and the missions just felt extremely tedious and bland. Overall the campaign just felt very rushed to me. I thought the game started to pick up somewhat towards the middle of the game, but by chapter 7 I just wanted to get the thing over with. Did anybody really enjoy the campaign? If so what would you score this game out of 10? I really cant justify giving the game anything above a 6 or 6.5. Don't call me a MS fanboy either, I was an Xbox gamer last gen but hopped on the PS3 train a little late to play the exclusives, and switched to the PS4 this gen for obvious reasons (Although I still plan on getting an Xbone in the future). I'm simply a person that enjoys good games but felt this one sucked.

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The umpteenth game that only has looks going for itself.

It was just not good.

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It was a lovely tech demo.

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Its a game I hope comes on PS+ at some point. Nothing enticed me enough to buy it.

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Played all Killzone since the PS2 and Shadowfall is a Crysis 2 knock off. Even the multiplayer is Crysis 2 like, which sucks. GG can never go back to the original Killzone formula

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I did and plan on playing through it again.

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I enjoyed parts of my playthrough but the game left me with no desire to replay it when i was finished with the SP.

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You give a 6.5 to a game only because of the campaign when you just admited the MP was fun? Killzone is not only about SP ya know?

Anyway, I havent played it yet but previous Killzone campaigns have been "passable". The MP is where its at. I played a lot of it, and I'm not even a MP kinda guy

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The campaign is decent. But the multiplayer is where this game shines.

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@MikeMoose: Killzone has never had a good campaign that could compare to Halo. Killzone multiplayer is pretty fun but it's also marred by lousy maps. A mediocre franchise at best.

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People tried to lie and say it was better than Ryse, but even though I don't own an XONE I can tell from youtube videos it's better than Bumzone, fuck I shouldn't have even bought this bundle, lol even Knack is better than this linear fps.

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I would never put this heaping pile of garbage in my PS4. The thing is boring enough as it is, adding Sh!tzone would only make it worse. Might as well play that dopey camp sim for 'free' again....

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I liked the handful of engagements you were able to approach from a stealth perspective. Sadly, there were only 2 or 3 times they gave you that ability. It really took away from the fun of the campaign by not letting me approach it the way I wanted to. Mercenary did a better job of that on Vita, which is shocking. Still, I did enjoy the Owl and the handful of times you could creatively problems solve, but most of all I played the Multiplayer. That's all going to change now that Titanfall is coming out, though.