Devils third Dev... My Game is a System Seller!!

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@Randolph said:

Itagaki is a cool guy, but he is very, very wrong here.

So very wrong indeed.

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The man hasn't made a good game since Ninja Gaiden on the xbox.

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He misspelled Bayonetta 2.

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I highly doubt it is going to be a system seller. It looks worse than the original Ninja Gaiden Black on the Xbox and the combat is nowhere near the level of Ninja Gaiden.

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Doubt it..however I will be buying the game. :P

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Says no one.

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Itagaki, I think there's a reason people aren't port begging this. Jeez, I'd never thought I'd give the Bayonetta/RE GC/any other mature Nintendo exclusive outrage (a bit more in Bayonetta's sake) credit.

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This game looks iffy, the original trailer years back looked great, but the latest E3 presentation footage left me with room for doubt. I hope to god they fix that stupid first person reflex aiming feature, it looks really awful going between third person then straight to iron sites. As far as the campaign goes it looks pretty mediocre as a shooter and a hack and slash. However, I must admit the online gameplay looks to be the redeeming value in the game if there's any to be had at all.

If this game were balls to the wall awesome that'd still be a questionable claim saying it'll be a big system seller. However, if it gets some pretty unflattering reviews, I can see many people easily looking past this. Nintendo should give him some more money so he can work on polishing this game, it's going to need a bunch of polish.

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@darkangel115 said:

@R4gn4r0k said:

I'l devided when it comes to Devil's Third

On one hand I love the TPS mix with melee combat and the ability to climb everywhere, the horizontal level design... I mean how awesome is seeing a sniper shoot at you, climb up there and slash him in the face (please let me do that in battlefield :( )

On the other hand the game needs sooooooooooooo much polish, it's not even funny. I hope Nintendo can help with that.

its called titanfall, except you snap their neck

Kinda forgot about that game, but yeah, you're right !

Next DLC should include a Katana in Titanfall

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does itagaki think he's cool or something? wearing sunglasses everywhere, even in the dark lol.

gameplay looks garbage and the graphics look like it came out in 2007.

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@TheGuardian03 said:

does itagaki think he's cool or something? wearing sunglasses everywhere, even in the dark lol.

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this game wouldn't have even looked appealing to me 10 years ago.

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@parkurtommo said:

The game looks so bad though. Last gen visuals, jerky mechanics and animations, stupid humor, etc.

Well we all know the WiiU is barely above last gen in graphics. I think it could be fun. Not worth $60 and no way THE reason to buy WiiU, there are other great games that do that.

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Devil's third needs a lot of work. I mean, the combat looks good enough; but the graphics are terrible. When you take a look at Nintendo's offerings like MK8, DKCTF, Pikmin 3 and Nintendo Land, then take a look at Devil's third...there's really no reason why the graphics should look that bad.

Loads of clipping, lots of low res images, animation lacks the "oomph!"...I sincerely hope the finished product looks 10 times better than what I've seen thus far. Even if we don't take graphics into consideration, thus far, this game is far from a system seller. It's more along the lines of when Wii had NMH.

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Didn't they say that Devils Third was pretty much "untouched." Infact that is exactly what Itagaki said

The game looks dated because it IS dated. They barely updated the trailer and the game has no release date. He also want's to keep most of the game play the same. So who knows when this game will be ready. One things for sure, Itagaki is betting a lot on this game.

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@mjorh said:

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The gameplay looks great. I feel like it's a little more niche, like a Suda 51 game, but I will def check it out when released.

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I wasn't really interested in the game based off the initial trailer but when I saw the Multiplayer trailer, it became a must buy. I love the customization in it.

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there are plenty of system seller games on Wii U but not this one. MP felt last gen

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@silversix_ said:

There's ugly looking games and there's Devils Third. Brainless violence never sells and this game has nothing but it.

Most suda 51 games

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he is such a douche lol

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I consider Ninja Gaiden Black one of the greatest action games of all time, but sorry this game looks like crap.