DEFCON: Everybody dies - Strategy Game

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My favorite mode:

DEFCON diplomacy is one of the most widely played game types. With 6 players and potentially hours in strategic gameplay, diplomacy can be a difficult game type to do well in. From the start, it may seem that your odds of victory are 1/6. However, that is simply not the case. Through good communication, firm defensive strategies, and intelligent responses, your odds of winning can increase greatly. This guide will attempt to shed some light on the more personal aspects of DEFCON diplomacy, namely how to interact with your neighboring continents through war and, ideally, peace.

My question is:

Have you played this game? Are there any more games like DEFCON: Everybody dies? Do you like online mode? Favorite mode?

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Looks like a boring Plague Inc.

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Looks like a boring Plague Inc.

Nothing close to Plague.

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Nothing close to Plague.


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A thinking mans strat game.

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Why is this on System Wars?

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Go away

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Man, I'm so looking forward to the release of Gears of War! 2006 has been a pretty bum year so far.