December and Janurary Dead-Period?

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So is December and January catch-up/save-up months? There doesn't seem like very much to look forward to--in the short term. Unless I'm overlooking the upcoming games lists virtuously everywhere.

February and March are filled with games, though.

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Well, Bravely Default released :3

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Might & Magic X: Legacy and the Banner Saga both launch in January, can't wait to get my hands on both of them.

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It's generally this way. Q1 & Q4 is typically when most games release.

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@Basinboy said:

It's generally this way. Q1 & Q4 is typically when most games release.

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I'm telling ya' March!

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Peggle 2 just came out for the XBOX ONE so no dead period for that console yet.

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Tomb Raider The Defintive edition comes out in January.

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It's always this way, by December most people have their Christmas shopping done or all their lists are ready, plus nobody wants to be a dick and have a studio working crunch time and doing bug fixes in the lead up to Christmas. In January people have a backlog from Christmas so they're less likely to buy anything, or if they do it'll be in the sales, that's why January releases almost always come out in the last week of the month.

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Yeah it's backlog/catchup time. I'm replaying Link to the Past and gonna play Link Between Worlds at Christmas :3

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Dragon Ball Battle of Z is coming out in January.

it will have multiple characters fighting on screen not like the previous games, and big maps and even two characters teaming up on one, also the best graphics i a DBZ game i can't wait.

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nice pics imo

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Pre-ordered Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost which comes out on Jan. 30.

Besides that I probably won't buy any new up coming games during the month of January and February.

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I never played TR last gen but wanted to, so I'll take the Definitive Edition in Jan. to hold me over.

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Yeah its always like that, nobody wants to release a game so close to Christmas.

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Same as every year since I can remember.

No point in releasing anything after the 1st week on December as you miss the early X-mas shopping crowd. No point in releasing anything before the end of Jan as everyone is broke after X-mas.

Quite looking forward to DMC4 and Borderlands 2 from PSN+ on the 24th though as not got around to player either and hoping they will keep me happy in Jan.

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@bbkkristian: I think the next couple of years will be catch up and save years for myself, older extremely cheap games for older system is going to be great on the wallet.

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I have 8 games for Ps4 and 3 for Xbone. I'm not hurting for games to play, not to mention still have all the PSN+ games to play like Dragons Dogma.. I bet I'm not even done with those games when Infamous Second Son and MLB The Show14 comes out.

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yeah December, January, and sometimes even February can be dead months for game releases (sometimes movie releases save for Christmas).