Deadpool: The Game's Juvenile But Awesome Trailer

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#1 Posted by campzor (34932 posts) -


I admit, i got a chuckle or 2 out of it...


still doesnt look very good.

#2 Posted by Capitan_Kid (6635 posts) -
Game of the fvcking generation! JUST STICK INTO MY VEINS!!!
#3 Posted by Blazerdt47 (5669 posts) -

Looking forward to it.

Love the jab about the Gearbox/Sega debacle. :lol:

#4 Posted by Minishdriveby (10484 posts) -
It does look rather good. It's piqued my interest.
#5 Posted by Tessellation (8844 posts) -
where the fvck is the movie?
#6 Posted by campzor (34932 posts) -
where the fvck is the movie?Tessellation
ye i havnt heard anything about it for a while now. Hoping ryan reynolds is still the pick.
#7 Posted by SuperNovaftw (2500 posts) -

This game is going to end up like Duke Nukem.

#9 Posted by ChubbyGuy40 (26256 posts) -

Activision publishing a game that looks fun? Did someone who knows fun finally get promoted to management or something?

#10 Posted by JangoWuzHere (17476 posts) -

This game is going to end up like Duke Nukem.



What gave you that idea? 

#11 Posted by sukraj (24001 posts) -

nice trailor

#12 Posted by Jack-Burton (2433 posts) -
Bad ass, Cable looks more roided up then the Rock lol.
#13 Posted by bobbetybob (19297 posts) -
I feel like this will end up like an even worse version of Saints Row 3 and Borderlands 2's humour which is just throwing "lol butts and poop" jokes at you every 3 seconds to the point where anything legitimately funny they say just gets drowned out in the mediocrity of the rest of it.
#14 Posted by Gxgear (10425 posts) -

Hoping my breath, but for all the wrong reasons. Too many things that can go awry but here's hoping for the best.

#15 Posted by Pffrbt (6596 posts) -

I bet it's terrible. The graphics are terrible I can already tell.

#16 Posted by bezza2011 (2720 posts) -

looks awesome and it did make me laugh finally a game whats about humour than all the serious stuff whats going about. 


#17 Posted by dommeus (9433 posts) -

Is that Nolan North as Deadpool?

#18 Posted by Planeforger (16318 posts) -
Ye gods. He's like a hyperactive teen on a sugar high...and he's the main character? :( I don't care how good the gameplay ends up being: if he talks like that the entire time, I wouldn't be able to play for more than ten minutes without wanting to strangle a small puppy.
#19 Posted by Minishdriveby (10484 posts) -

Is that Nolan North as Deadpool?

Yeah he played Dead Pool in Shattered Dimensions too.
#20 Posted by Heil68 (47265 posts) -
That was awesome. Will follow this game, hope it turns out good.
#21 Posted by JMR09 (504 posts) -
The tone of the game just isn't for me, personally. Hope it delivers for those who are fans of Deadpool though.
#22 Posted by DragonfireXZ95 (19822 posts) -
It wasn't as funny as I would have thought. Not enough to buy it based on that premise, anyway. I'll have to see gameplay first.
#23 Posted by 1PMrFister (3134 posts) -
Game looks like a run-of-the-mill action game with a juvenile Duke Nukem-esque sense of humor. Not interested.

Is that Nolan North as Deadpool?

Yeah he played Dead Pool in Shattered Dimensions too.

And Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
#24 Posted by finalfantasy94 (26900 posts) -

looks like an ok action game for deadpool fans.

#25 Posted by TheEpicGoat (2006 posts) -

Looks like last gen material.