Dark Souls 2 vs Deep Down: Which will be better and why?

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Posted by Thunder7151 (304 posts) 2 months, 9 days ago

Dark Souls 2 vs Deep Down: Which will be better and why? (58 votes)

Dark Souls 2 91%
Deep Down 9%

I chose Dark Souls 2 because of the track record of the Souls games and the gameplay videos I have seen. However, Deep Down still seems to be a really good game.


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Obviously DS2...

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capcom = FTP = Pay to win = evil empire

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Hadn't even heard of Deep Down, but it looks pretty good. If it's the kind of game you enjoy I'd say get both.

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Dark Souls 2 I think, It is a proven game, and in alot of ways the Modern take on Diablo, where as Deep Down certainly seems to be influenced in areas from Dark souls, the game does not seem to be as well thought out, with the fantasy part taking place in some sort of game or vr experiment in the future? (atleat looks like that)

And the Whole F2P is not making me very thrilled to begin with, very few F2P games are worth putting time into, and capcom especially have not made me feel more relaxed about it.

So I think that DS 2 will be a more complete, better executed game, with no sacrifices to gameplay in order to squeeze Money out of the consumer left, right and centre

The closest that i have come to playing a Diablo game is Diablo 3's demo. I do not know much about the series other than the title being the name of the main villain and its popular loot system. So I ask, why do you consider it to be a modern take on Diablo?

Simularities to Diablo:

- If you did not move cautiously you would quickly get overwhelmed and die, if not by the monsters you woefully underestimated, then by the traps (effectively just a case of learning the games own logic)

- Wrongly labelled an RPG being wholey focused on dungeon crawling, with very Little inconversation or story, (effectively Diably being a dungeon crawler).

- Making people obsess with chracter builds and what the most effecient one would be

- partly made players hope and pray that a specific piece of loot would drop

-Incredibly dark and brooding, one big cesspit of hopelessness with no real rays of light

Diablo pretty much brought the D&D sub game of dungeoncrawlers (RPGS with anything but the combat systems stripped) to the consumer, it had been tryied before, but never really as sucessful. It forewent all notions of dialogue for stat management and inventory management.

If you took the camera, put it in 3rd person, the Original Diablo shared more then a passing resemblence in a number of ways. There are differences, but I am quite sure that If the original Diablo were made today it would look alot like Dark souls.

It is a shame that Diablo 2 changed what D1 was, made it more action packed, faster paced, fighting mobs of enemies for loot drops which made you glean. Make the art way less distressful and intimidating. The bosses of the Original Diablo were Things people tended to remember, with tactics that was best to use if not you would face really hard battles (gotta give it credit you would (if you did not restart the dungeon) meet the bosses when you had just the level to scrape by).

Diablo was likely the first game to make you feel lost, valnurable, made you feel like you really needed to make the steps light, and have a clear path of retreat.

As I stated, there were forerunners for Diablo, other games that tryied the same, Diablo was a landmark, Redifining that genre, and to my eyes Demon's souls did that Again (Perhaps even better since the vast manority of demon's and dark souls monsters are taken out of the D&D books) and is closer to the core of a dungeon crawler.

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I don't know much about Deep Down tbh, what I do know though is that I'm buying Dark Souls 2 day f*cking one.