Custom PS4 Controller?

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Hey guys,

Does anyone know where i can buy a custom PS4 controller with a joystick layout like 360? I had one for PS3 because the only thing i dislike about PS3/PS4 is the joystick layout so i was looking to buy another.

Anyone know of a link or shop that sells them? Thanks in advance! :)

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Buy a 360 pad, open it and swap the internals.

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You ever heard of google OP?

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its still to early for 3rd party manufactures to release a non-symmetrical PS4 controller..give it time, im sure Power A will make one

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@Couth_ said:

You ever heard of google OP?

I tried google but every time i search i just get articles about how the controller resembled 360 controller during development before they changed the sticks back.

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Why would you want to trade out the ds4? It's one of the best controllers out there.