Current X1 or PS4 owners

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#1 Posted by ShoTTyMcNaDeS (1951 posts) -

For those of you you ONLY OWN (1) of these two consoles, if you were to add a second console to your collection would you pick up the other of these two or would you get a WiiU instead?

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Good question.

Currently I think I would be likely to pick up a X1 over a WiiU...

But I'm not buying either for at least another 6 months, so will depend on available games at that point.

#3 Posted by marcheegsr (2465 posts) -

I own a ps4. Will be adding a x1 to my collection. I like having both set of exclusives to choose from.

Not interested in a WiiU though I have nothing againist it.

#4 Posted by k2theswiss (16598 posts) -

There is only 2 systems worth having... ps4/x1

MAYBE wii u next year change that who knows...

#5 Posted by ShepardCommandr (2305 posts) -


I don't want to but if i absolutely had to get a second console i guess i would go with a wiiu.

#6 Posted by PAL360 (26653 posts) -

Probably a WiiU. PS4 and X1 will offer, more or less, the same games and experience.

#7 Posted by SinjinSmythe (789 posts) -

Got my X1 the only other one i would get is a Wii U.

#8 Posted by ScreamDream (3953 posts) -

@PAL360 said:

Probably a WiiU. PS4 and X1 will offer, more or less, the same games and experience.

Ditto and I think the Wii U has the best games on all next gen for now.

#9 Posted by starwarsjunky (24723 posts) -

currently own PS4 and wii u. eventually i'll probably get XB1 as well, but i think i'll wait for a price drop.

#10 Posted by Truth_Hurts_U (9078 posts) -

I actually seen a Wii U game I would love to play (Donkey Kong). But I don't know... I could never get into Nintendo consoles. Only NES and Super NES.

But 2-4 years down the line... When MS pulls their head out of their ass, just maybe I would buy a XBO. But in doing so I know all games on that system will not work for the next gen. Do I really wanna have piles of consoles laying around? Hell no.

#11 Posted by GoldenElementXL (2707 posts) -

I think it would be better to ask some one who owns all 3. (Plus a good gaming PC) If I could only have 2 of the 3 it would be PS4 and Wii U. I pick the PS4 over the Xbox One because it has the better versions of the multi plat titles. Right now I prefer the Xbox One exclusives, but with Titan fall being on PC and seeing how good Infamous looks I think the PS4 will have a better list of exclusives come this time next year. But if you could only own 2, I would not get a PS4 and Xbox One. They are too similar. And the first party Nintendo titles warrant a Wii U purchase.

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Certainly wouldn't get the bone at this point, unless they are finally about to scrap the kinect. The U was a weak system, I just got rid of that crapper a few months ago so no, I wouldn't get the U either.

I'd probably just use the bone funds for a new graphics card. I KNOW this would be a good purchase for me.

#13 Posted by NoirLamia777 (2126 posts) -

Currently have a PS4 and plan on buying a Wii U sometime next year. Will wait on X1.

#14 Posted by RimacBugatti (1189 posts) -

I may purchase Nintendo's next system but not the Wii U.

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I'll pick up a PS4 after a console revision and when a couple of exclusives are out such as Uncharted and a Last of Us sequel of some sort. I'm running a Xbox One because I usually only play online multiplayer games when I'm not doing family time; which is late at night. I prefer XBLive over PSN when it comes to online multiplayer and party chat in any game that has it. Plus 5 of my friends I gamed with on BF3 on 360 are now on the One with BF4. Could care less about all the time being spent on these forums bickering over graphics. Go enjoy your video games people.

Microsoft and Sony are here to stay. I don't know about Nintendo's future though.

#16 Posted by Doom_HellKnight (12191 posts) -

Own a PS4. I'd get an Xbox One over a Wii U.

#17 Posted by Darthmatt (8966 posts) -

I have a PS4 and have no plans on getting an xbone or wii U. I am leaning towards wii u, but I know after playing the handful of exclusives it would collect dust just like my wii did.

#18 Posted by chikenfriedrice (9706 posts) -

I have an X1 and will get a PS4 soon. I will never own another Nintendo console after owning the Wii

#19 Posted by R3FURBISHED (10210 posts) -

@ShoTTyMcNaDeS: I'm getting a PS4 in February I have no interest in the Wii U

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It would be a PS4 way down the line when it has a decent game to play.

#21 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8133 posts) -

I had a wiiu since launch, have a ps4 and an xbox one is under Christmas tree

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xbox one, and next console will be xbox one for my mancave. After that I will get a ps4, and shotty, i don't wanna hear how much you like the xboxone when you get it, you are a flip flopping undecided fool. This whole thread was made because you aren't liking your ps4 with the lack of games, sucky online, and all you see is how happy the xbox one owners are and you want one. Please you aren't worthy of getting an xbox one, the system is too good for you... I mean that too.

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Own Ps4 and will probably get WiiU when X comes out

#24 Posted by blackace (20061 posts) -

If I have just an XB1 or PS4, I would definitely buy the other console. I have no plans on getting the Wii U until the price drops again and more 1st and 3rd party games get released for it. Right not it's not even worth it.

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I have a PS4 but i would probably grab a Wii U, the Xbox One is a very attractive primary system but not very attractive as a secondary system. The Wii U is the opposite.

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Primary Platform: PC

Primary Console: Wii U

Secondary Console: PS4

Handhelds: 3DS + PS Vita

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I have a Playstation 4 and do want to get an XBOX ONE Eventually.

#28 Posted by BruceBenzing (306 posts) -

I'll own both X1 and PS4 as soon as I get my tax return next year...Both will have the launch kinks out

#29 Posted by Jankarcop (8893 posts) -

Primary: PC

Secondary: PS4 once it gets good games in a year or two.

NEVERary: xboner and PiiU

#30 Posted by Zethrickk382 (134 posts) -

I'd get a wii u over an Xbox after afew price cuts. My son would be old enough to enjoy it by then.