Crossplatform Multiplayer

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Anybody else dream about a Crossplatform future ?

I read an Article claiming the only way this was gona be happen is if we let 3rd party DRM (Steam, Origin, Uplay, Battlenet, etc) in our consoles (this was during the rumors before Xbox One and PS4 were announced).

Wouldn't be nice it if cows, lemmings and hermits got together in Battlefield and Slayed one another in Bloody Harmony ?

If Gen 8 really wants to impess me, thats the only way to do it.

However theyre were a few games from 7th Gen that could be play online across atleast two platforms, Only one I remember is Portal 2 on PS3 and PC.

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That will never work for competitive FPS games because controllers cannot keep up with KBM. MS already tried this with Shadowrun and stated exactly that.

It'd be fine for racing, fighting, sports and co-op games though.

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I haven't played a shooter with a mouse in so long.

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i think if its possible and would work for the game - yes.