CNET Prizefight PS4 vs Xbox One

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Very interesting results, although some of the details are skewed.

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What details would you say are skewed?

Also, please learn to embed videos, cheers Danabo for doing that for him!

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I don't think anything was skewed in that review, thats probably one of the best reviews for both consoles so far. Neither console is great right now cause features are missing, some don't work as good as advertised and some will be added in the future. They are both good with great potential right now. I think this time next year we'll get a better view of where each console is headed but I agree with alot of whats in the review.

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Not a bad video at all. I think they were right when saying with the One you are investing in its future to a degree. Good score and some fair criticism on both systems. I still think the One is better than the PS4, but there are alot of good points made here.

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I liked a lot of the points except hardware. They were really downplaying that advantage. The difference is larger than last gen

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Video sucked. He was all over in his points. 1 moment he says because it's launch that's what were rating... Then the next he says we don't know what the future will hold and give same score... WTF?

Plus I thought PS4 didn't have 3D BR support yet?