Check this out Kevin Butler's latest TV ad

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Good to see the actor is still working...

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kevin butler: VP of pumpkin pie

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LOL I saw that the other day.
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LOL I saw that the other day.Killzonage
I just saw it 10 mins ago.
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Sony had a good thing with that guy and messed it all up.
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He should take his talents to the Pacific Northwest, and join MicroGODsoft!!!!!!
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God damn that dude is creepy in this commercial.
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God damn that dude is creepy in this commercial. todd2r_Partdeux
I agree you should crap on him
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I don't know how old that commercial is, but it's not new. I remember seeing it last year.
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Lawsuit in three... two... one...
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Him looking at that pumpkin pie made me want to buy a Wii U. His face is owned by Sony and seeing him look at food that way has me looking at the competition's consoles. Better call up Sony's lawyers.

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wtf is this chet?