Character announcement for SSB4 to be streamed on Monday.

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#101 Posted by bbkkristian (14940 posts) -

@93BlackHawk93: I still think Shulk is likely. We still have a few more character videos to go. :)

#102 Posted by LegatoSkyheart (24865 posts) -

I'm glad Chrom's not playable.

Lucina > Chrom any day.

#103 Posted by 93BlackHawk93 (5291 posts) -

@jg4xchamp: You've got a point. But I think it doesn't help that TW101 is a pretty recent game that sold terribly. Maybe next time.

#104 Posted by CaptHarlockJC (13 posts) -

@Desmonic said:

Wow, 4 characters at once!

As popular as Fire Emblem was/is, I feel it's getting a bit too many characters.

I think it's more they wanted to add something from the new FE games, well at the same time not upsetting fans who like Roy and Marth. It's hard to believe there been 11 FE games and the last one was the best selling one so far. It seems to be starting to get a following and I think having more FE characters in SSB will help FE even more.

#105 Edited by nini200 (9580 posts) -

It's Confirmed!!!! YUGO THE WOLF IS IN SMASH BROS!!!!!!! AWOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

My piss poor attempt at photoshopping a smash character screen lol you know you want him in as well ;)