Can we now say Wiiu is dead?

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@mynamesdenvrmax said:

Nintendo lost their mind with the Wii U. I knew it would be a flop, but I remember people insisting Nintendo was back. This was their hardcore return! Instead, its the Wii...with a U. I can't imagine being a Nintendo fan. A friend of mine bought the Wii U and I literally said "Whhaaat? Why?!" Not to be a jerk, but it was shocking to me.

Jeus, bro, this generation has just begun. Can we at least wait 3 years before we declare something dead? I remember the PS3 and the 3ds both having a shitty first two years.

Well I'm not saying its dead. I think its a flop compared to the Wii. No news outlets are going crazy for it, very low sales..I think its safe to say it's a flop. I don't see it changing either. For me personally, I won't be getting one. But I'm also the guy who's not getting a PS4 either. They lost me last generation with the PS3. I barely have time for my Xbox One anyway.

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Yes it's dead. Only butt hurts and delusionals think otherwise. It won't be the first time Nintendo discontinues a product. It happens even to the biggest companies

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Next year your gonna ask the same question, mark my words