Can there be two equally competitive handhelds?

Posted by SolidGame_basic (18418 posts) 4 months, 30 days ago

Poll: Can there be two equally competitive handhelds? (8 votes)

yes 63%
no 38%

With the new 3DS coming out, it seems to be Nintendo is trying to go after the core gamer, which was suppose to be Vita's job. Which got me thinking, if the 3DS is successful with creating a hardcore handheld, would there be room for another handheld? I would think so. If anything, if Nintendo succeeds, it opens up the market for other "hardcore" handhelds. But then again, it's never happened before. What you think, SW?

#1 Posted by KBFloYd (14064 posts) -

since 1989 one has even challenged nintendo.

i dont think it can be done.

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If there were two companies trying to compete with each other equally then maybe.

The problem is that only Nintendo puts out high-quality first party support on their handhelds.

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LMAO. Vita is for the core gamer and Nintendo's handhelds aren't? OK then... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

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I don't think it's impossible, it's just ever since the original gameboy, handheld and Nintendo have been synonymous and they only have to release an update and it will pretty much automatically sell lots. I don't even think PSP failed, nor particularly did the game gear, they were just vastly inferiorly selling to their Nintendo competition and that's likely to be the way for quite a while.

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we saw if briefly with the DS and PSP, until PSP trailed off

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Anything's possible. Sony would need to change their handheld strategy.

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Yes. And it's happening now ever since last ND.

Sony was already shitting on Vita, and now Nintendo shitted on 3DS as well! The competition is ON.

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There could be if Sony gave a shit. Sadly they've proved they don't.