Call of Duty Ghosts or Battlefield 4

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Its been few months since both games have been on the market, both had patches released, having only a few hours of both games experience under my belt I'm on the fence deciding which game to purchase.

Any suggestions of why you prefer your version over the other is appreciated and will go towards my decision of purchase.

Which online multi-player do you enjoy and why?

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BF4. Hell, even the single player campaign was better.

Ghosts' Extinction mode was cool though.

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I felt both of them were worse than their previous entries.

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the only correct answer is neither

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Gotta go with Halo 2 or Halo 3.

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Hmm, Killzone: Shadow Fall then?

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Had to pick between the two for the PS4 and choose Ghosts because Battlefield 4 has a shitty netcode.

Guess what got fixed three days later.

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@ghostwarrior786 said:

the only correct answer is neither

This. Both games were given the death slot of being made just before a new gen comes out. Devs didn't put much effort into them.

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BF4 broken and almost unplayable is still a win.

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Battlefield 4 is vastly superior.

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BF4, I guess. But, Id go with Titanfall over all.

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Shadow Warrior .

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Ghost was a disaster it helped kill what was left of the youtube gaming community, battlefield 4 is FUN but still buggy.

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Neither. Both are garbage.

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Between those two, BF4. Especially if you're on PC

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@FoxbatAlpha said:

BF4 broken and almost unplayable is still a win.

the recent netcode patch actually seemed to help

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CoD ghost is utterly "meh"!

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BF4 is better than CoD Ghosts in every single possible way. CoD Ghosts is the weakest CoD of all time in my eyes.

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Battlefield it is then, thank you for all the suggestions :)