Biggest video game worlds

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This is probably pretty old, it misses newest games, but still who didn't see it before (I didn't), it's kind of neat.

Update: here are even bigger worlds:

My questions is: did you notice game's size while playing it, and are you surprised by this comparison?

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Stalker call of pripyat

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Depends on the game. Burnout didn't feel like a big game world, it seemed kind of small honestly. Obviously that's due to speeding around it in a car the whole game. Oblivion on the other hand felt pretty big and vast when I played it since you never really travel that fast, n games like that I certainly notice it.

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Heh that's kinda cool.

Oblivion felt bigger when I played it. San Andreas too

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Stalker isn't here, and I felt it was huge while I was playing it.

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Fuel was so damn big.

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Definitely felt it with JC2. Thank god for that graplling hook and parachute.

Not sure about GW2, but Tyria felt really big. Bigger than Azeroth by a strech. Would love to see a comparison. LOTRO definitely takes the cake

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Seeing Oblivion and Skyrim's worlds. Makes me wonder if they'll combine provinces/nations for TES VI (main land beingSummerset Isles)

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@IgGy621985 said:

My questions is: did you notice game's size while playing it, and are you surprised by this comparison?

I am surprised that Burnout Paradises map is so large. I dunno, but it never felt that big to me.

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Bigger isn't always better and you really hate a mission when there is no fast travel and you have to go to the other side of the map................ On foot.

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GTA III felt enormous back in the day.

Enormous, I tell you.

Interesting comparison, I just wonder how much of the largest games contain empty boring wastelands full of nothing.

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Any world significantly bigger than Just Cause 2 must be copy-and-paste, and at that point, it is no longer impressive.

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Bully, small map so many things to do. Like ubisoft said, bigger is not always better its best to have a map with more things to do. (fc4 will be like that apparently)

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guys Come on ! Somebody should have mentioned MINECRAFT a long time ago...... !

What other Video Game worlds are Infinite ?

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I don't think that's an accurate comparison, some guy on GTAF debunked that image back when GTA V was being released.

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Bigger isn't always better but San Andreas bucks the trend:-P