Biggest complaint about next gen console(s) you own?

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Well the title says it all. Your biggest complaint about your next gen consoles you own so far?

For me I only own the PS4 so far and I gotta say the battery life on the DS4 is terrible! Not sure if I'm the only one noticing this.

So what's yours?

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PS4 we asked for the ability to play custom music while gaming and Sony decided to give Music Unlimited which is Not custom music and takes about 20 seconds to load up every time you want to access the App again to change songs, etc. please tell me I'm doing something wrong

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- Agreed the DS4 Battery is Horrible!

- Lineup is anemic right now. I want to pick up TR but I'm not spending $60 for it. Maybe Thief 4 latter this month. (It's funny.. I've only experienced this with PS brand platforms)

- The Online servers are TERRIBLE in some games. .. and now they're charging for it!?!?

Typical complaints for a launch system but you'd figure some of this sht they would've got right out of the gate.

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Quite a few for the WiiU. I'll stick to one.

Miiverse's poor integration.

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Wii U - battery life of the gamepad is piss poor. That being said, the pro controller's battery life is astounding.

PS4 - battery life of the controller is piss poor. Also, doesn't let me see what blu-ray movie I have in the console; my PS3 let me see what was in there, why can't the PS4?

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  1. I want to know when friends get online.
  2. Better Games.

Xbox One

  1. Better games.
  2. I want install times to improve.
  3. Rechargeable Battery on controller
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@OhSnapitz: Yea I'm hoping they fix the battery life in future.

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Wii U : terrible VC list

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Wii U: Doesn't have a port for an Ethernet cable

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Xbox One- My only real complaint is the lack of a title that utilised the kinect at launch. Its one major reason keeping people from purchasing the Xbox and MS had the perfect opportunity to create a game that justified the inclusion.

I actually love the kinect regardless of the current lack of software and sport rivals demo gave me some faith but it seems silly not to have some awesome kinect software for launch.

PS4- still the controller and lack of games.... bleurgh

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Uncertainty of the Xbox ones potential in a few years from now.. That the PS4 still has nothing out that warranted the purchase of the console.. (I really wanted drive club) and that it's a pretty bland and boring system to this point.

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No games worth buying for it yet

Can't pause,stop or prioritise downloads

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I dont own it yet, but I already know the DS4 battery is going to piss my off.

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PS4 - Lack of true backwards compatibility. As in put a PS3 disc in the PS4 and play it.

Other than that, I'm pretty happy with it. I find it obvious how many of you are simply lacking patients for new games. I've been around quite a few launches and this one actually had the most games and most variation out of any I had seen previously.

If you're hard up for something to play, try the various free PSN games for it. Try 100% the game (s) you own, or if you think there is nothing to play, try expanding your tastes a bit.

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the vita can play some PS4 and PSP games and ya thats REAL COOL but the ps4 cant play my PSP or VITA games :I

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Since I only own the Wii U, my main gripes with it rest with the interface being clunky and rather slow. The battery life for the controller is also absolutely horrendous--two hour battery life or less is unacceptable. I see they have a new optional battery that can be purchased that increases the battery life, but they really need to refine the OS and the OS functions. It should't take ten to fifteen seconds to switch between applications.

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No themes

Lack of games

Can't turn that fucking light off.

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the goddamn hype for PS4 because of this sony waits for new game releases ps4 is selling without games

and the freaking light on my controller

ohh and let me turn of my goddamn controller when i watch a movie on netflix

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My biggest gripe with the Wii U is that you can't really take the game pad too far away from the Wii U. I really am only able to play games on the pad within my own room, which is kind of a bummer.

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ps4 isnt perfect

  • no games right now
  • the analog stick. the nub feels like its going to rip off and it doesnt feel nice on the fingers. i think both xb1 and ps4 have horrible nubs
  • ui isnt really better organized
  • psn store in ps4 is less intuitive than the ps3 psn. lol that is saying a lot
  • headset and voice chat could have been a lot better.
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I saw videos on the disassembly of the PS4 and Xbone and I have to say PS4 is marvelously engineered. Xbone on the other hand looks like it was constructed in the 80's. Wasted space and lots of it. The damn thing could have been half that size. I give Microsoft no credit for engineering. No power supply and twice as big. Makes ABSOLUTELY no sense! As far as the PS4 I would say that the controller is a little awkward. And not to mention the fan is insanely loud. It's a lot slower than I thought it would be.

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It's black.

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PS4 - A lack of games (obviously, it's only just launched so that's a given) and short battery life on the DS4.

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Xbox One - multimedia hub with no content (apps are supposed to be the focus right up there with games and right now there aren't any. Want DLNA playback, 3D movie playback, social apps. The hype was that it'd be a games box that would also let you do the social things you do on your PC while watching the boob tube (all in one media consumption). The apps don't exist to support it yet and what is out there is still ironing out bugs.

PS4 - For all the talk of superiority... There isn't that much on it to play. What is there is a shinier PS3 menu system and even less to do than on the Xbox One. It also has its share of bugs. (Doesn't help that I REALLY was turned off by Killzone and have no interest in Knack.)

Gaming in general - the fact that the fanboy hype that drives the news cycle is so far removed from reality and the fear that it's driving Sony/MS/Nintendo towards focusing their resources on the wrong things.

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@WadeFan said:


  1. I want to know when friends get online.
  2. Better Games.

Xbox One

  1. Better games.
  2. I want install times to improve.
  3. Rechargeable Battery on controller

yeah install times need to be better.

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I have a PS4. After enjoying all the features of the PS3, the PS4 is really barebones. The UI sucks as well. I love the speed of it though over the ps3.

Have not used a X1.

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Also, the Xbox One is a fantastic multimedia device except for the crappy Netflix App. Netflix should be ashamed. It's sad that I'll spend a couple hours gaming on my Xbox One then have to switch over to my QU4D just to watch Netflix because the Bones version sucks.

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Wii U - Nintendo still doesn't care about online gaming.

Xbox One - Downloadable games are no longer required to have demos. That was one of the best things about Xbox 360. I also don't like how all games are grouped together instead of different categories for Arcade games, Games on Demand, etc. like on the 360.

PlayStation 4 - I don't own this one just yet and the reason that I don't own it yet is what my biggest complaint about it is, it doesn't have any games worth playing yet.

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Wii U - Friends intergration should be a lot easier and simplier, the home button flashes blue when a friend comes online, thats the only way to know. When you ring a friend it doesnt even make any noise, missed calls happen a lot.

Xbox One - Still no voice recognition for my country.

PS4 - I don't own one but have seen the analog nub damage problem first hand.

3DS - Taking away Flipnote Studio, horrendous, I used it so much and was great, miiverse hasn't made up for it as there is no ability to message friends direct.

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My only gripe with the PS4 so far is the DS4 battery life.