Best game you've played given by ps plus

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what was your favorite game given by ps plus that you enjoyed the most.

Hotline Miami, Xcom, and Hitaman Absolution were pretty fucking good.

To make this SW relevant what was your favorite Xbox Live game given to you.

And your favorite cheap steam title.

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Sleeping Dogs

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Super Monkey Nuts was pretty good but when I had to pay my landlord rent, I lost my PS+ and lost Super Monkey Nuts with it.

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So far... Shadow of the Colossus

I actually can't believe how good this game is.

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Hey, are you wasted_Wisdom? Your "grab a kneepad" sig just sounds too familiar.

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Sleeping Dogs

Whoa, is it free?

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Super Monkey Nuts was pretty good but when I had to pay my landlord rent, I lost my PS+ and lost Super Monkey Nuts with it.

Sorry man, I'm sure things will pick up, Jodie in Beyond Two Souls was homeless at one point. At least you've avoided that!

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Shadow of the Colossus HD, although I already had a physical version of it

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i dont even think my ps3 is plugged in right now. had to make room for my wii.

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Far Cry 3, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Jak and Daxter Trilogy so far. Only has + for a month and that baby has paid for itself already. Gonna but a 2 year sub this weekend.

Fantastic stuff from Sony. Still don't know how they manage to pull it off. I'm paying £2.66 ($4.28) per month for hundreds of pounds worth of stuff. Crazy really.

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@John_Matherson: Na, just paying homage to one of the greats yo

@TheEroica: SOTC is one of my GOATs, it's why I'm so annoyed at Team Ico this gen

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They had Demon's Souls and SOTC on instant game collection not too long ago, but I already have physical copies of those games, Hitman Absolution on the other hand...Thank you Sony.

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Demon souls which I missed at launch for the PS3.

Gravity Rush for the Vita.

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I was surprised by how good this game was. Would never have tried it if I didn't have PS+

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Don't you mean rented through PS+ :)

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Mega Man 9 & 10

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Demons souls and reckoning. Hotline Miami on Vita. Live would be Dead Rising 2.

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Rayman Origins for Vita, Vanquish, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen

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I joined up for the first time about 4 months ago so I'm still pretty new to it, but so far Gravity Rush (PSV) has been my favorite free game.

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So far Hotline Miami, soon to be Dragons Dogma