Best Buy already selling PS4 games accessories

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KZ Shadowfall, Ghosts, Ac4, knack, controllers, and ps eye.

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Is this finalstar, or PinkiePirate?

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They have to make room for the Xbox One showcase, so they're trying to get rid of PS4 stock as soon as possible.

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@Xaero_Gravity: ??? No idea who that is. I've been around here since 2003, just hardly ever post.

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Considering Best Buy nation wide had a 2:1 pre order difference between ps4 and xbox1, that wouldn't be the case.

It's because Sony doesn't care to let people get there stuff now as far the games and accessories go.

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Yea I noticed when I was there earlier today. Tons of Dualshock 4 controllers in there.

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I already got a PS4 controller two weeks ago from Gamestop. I didn't think AC4 came out till the 12th tho?

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I already have COD Ghosts, KZSF, and a DS4, but I don't have a Best Buy anywhere near me, I'd say it's been over four years since I've stepped foot in a Best Buy.

One question I have for everyone who goes to Best Buy, have they started putting in those new Windows stores yet, or is that just something their doing in the near future?

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The windows stores are in about 85% of best buys. There are also samsung experience stores in almost all of them too.

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I saw them this weekend at my local best buy where I have a PS4 on reserve. I was tempted to take home killzone but didn't.

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You can use the Dualshock 4 on PC and PS3. Plus it has been stated that their was no "street date" for the accessories, so stores can sell them the moment they get them.

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im getting a bunch of Xbox Exclusives such as Forza, Titanfall, Deadrising, Halo and Ryse, then i'll be getting Dying Night :)

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Question: Will I get banned for buying PS4 accessories?