Bayonetta 1 port on Wii U is based on the 360 version

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That's good considering the PS3 version was a load of shite.

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thank God. the ps3 version was on my backlog but now I'm selling it!@

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I played the Ps3 version and still loved it, so this makes this bundle so so so much better for me now, I finally get to play the game as it was meant to play.

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Why would you base it on the PS3 version?

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The PS3 version might as well not exist, so that's good news.

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powerpc common factor

and badness of ps3 port

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Would've been stupid to use the Ps3 version.

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Uh, The PS3 version was also "based on" the 360 version, since it was a sloppy port done late in the game by a 3rd party studio. This game was originally 360 only. Why would they base it on a sloppy port, rather than the real thing?

I would assume that with the slightly additional hardware, the Wii-U version should be able to run smooth, if not be a slight UPGRADE. It would be sad if it was anything but an upgrade.

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It makes sense to use the 360 version, they have more in common with the CPU and GPU. Porting from the PS3 to the Wii U would have likely been a nightmare.