Bang Bang, Xbox One most successful launch ever in Australia

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Sony Ponies exposed, BANG BANG!!!

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lol last gen sony dominated australia what makes you think it will be different this time ? with a xbone higher price tag! lemmings shouldnt think about xbone outside US

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Hahahaha, fuck off Zaire. Stick to Youtube.

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Lost a lot of respect for Australia after reading this.

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Clearly Australian are not well informed of both systems capabilities.

They would have gone for the PS4 if they were.

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Xbone : 1

PS4: Infinity

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Sony Ponies exposed, BANG BANG!!!

How many PS4's were sold in Australia?

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so successful that the shelves are filled with them whereas you wont be able to get a ps4 because everyone actually wants one until February.

Sony wins.

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PS4s completely sold out till Feb 2014, BANG BANG! I like how you skipped that detail OP.

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Sony Ponies exposed, BANG BANG!!!

the PS4 is sold out til march next year in australia, while the xbox one is available at in store pickup here, the only reason why the xbox won this award, is due to sony undershipping down here

Try harder Alt

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@I_can_haz: XboxWon out of stock there too, bang bang!!!!

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Zaire and blackace together at last, with all the intellectual power of a ready salted peanut.

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I do love my xbox one here (Australia) but the whole tv thing we got shafted... and apps we got shafted! I just prefer microsoft for xbox live as a service and I prefer the controller and types of games.