Assassin's Creed Rogue leaked for PS3 and 360?

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More AC is always a good thing

AC is love, AC is Life

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so whats this? 15th assassins creed game? and are not AC unity and commet coming out?

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Release it on the ps4/one....

Ubi should make a spinoff series. Call it The Knights.

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@system-reboot said:

so whats this? 15th assassins creed game? and are not AC unity and commet coming out?

Apparently Rogue is the same thing as Comet.

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No thanks. The real AC is on the new systems. Unity will be so much better than Rogue. Screw those old-assed systems.

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I think we need a new AC for each season of the year. When are we getting 4 ass creeds per year? Cannot wait.

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@Desmonic said:

Oh snap! "Comet" is a thing after all! :O

I'll say what I said when I heard about the original rumour: Releasing two fully fledged AC games is a dumb and risky move IMO. Sure it can turn out great for Ubi this year. Sure we can argue that they're on different platforms, therefore it should be alright. But it'll double the overall yearly franchise fatigue.Which can bite in the ass in just a couple of years. Plus the lack of a number in either Unity or this Rogue may (or may not) bring some marketing issues with the general consumers (think Wii vs WiiU on a much smaller scale of course).

If it's good I'll play it, but probably not on release. Despite AC4 being pretty damn awesome, I already avoided it at release.

I think they know exactly what they're doing. "Rogue" is probably using the older AC engine, reusing assets too. I'm sure they'll make decent profit, and continue the milkage.

As long as Unity is decent, I don't care.

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Today marks the day I officially want Assassins creed to die. Too much milkage in a short period of time.

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I don't think Ubisoft is listening to people.

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Imagine if Assassins Creed was actually a good game and you got 15 great games.


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ggggglad to know the name's been re-adjusted :p

Day uno.

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Not sure why they don't reboot the series already and try something new instead of "refreshing the page" every year and adding a new gameplay gimmick.

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After 2 AC was boring to me

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@foxhound_fox: Because people buy it? People just bought a year old game with better graphics.

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@cainetao11 said:

@foxhound_fox: Because people buy it? People just bought a year old game with better graphics.

They'll stop buying it eventually. They stopped buying Guitar Hero.

The Assassin's Creed IP is excellent and being incredibly underused with yearly repeats of the same game. They could make RTS's, RPG's and any combination of those with action-adventure.

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Unity is where i'm going. If they put some serious work into it, then it could be freakin' awesome.

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This is the third one in development that we know about.

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I hate leaks.... People need to exercise more self control.

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i will get Unity...and if there is a ps3 AC game i will get it too

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Unity is the real one. First true next gen one.

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"More AC is always a good thing"

I disagree. One Assassin's Creed every 3 years, on the other hand, would be good. Thay applies to every damn yearly series.

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After that piece of trash that is AC3 i'm not buying another AC game.