Assassin's Creed Rogue Gameplay Video

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Looks great to me.

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@TheGuardian03 said:

Black Flag 2.0

Exactly, which is fine by me.

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It's...ACIV...literally ACIV...

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@TheGuardian03 said:

Black Flag 2.0

With gasmasks, Guardian!!

This looks cool. Day one, and such.

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It's for those that loved the ship battles from 4 and got sad because they were moving away from that with Unity. I'm personally hyped for both games and they will both be day one for me.

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Looks just as good as any xb1 or ps4 game. Man, those consoles were completely unnecessary...

It doesn't look the same. But I still agree with you, the PS4 and Xbone do not really deserve to exist.

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People will root for this one over Unity because they like to rebel against the new thing.

Too bad this looks like too much ship stuff (which I didn't enjoy as much as some here) and already looks outdated with the flat lighting/simpler models and objects, and the same animations. Yes, it does look like a rushed, reskinned AC IV in many ways.

Time for holdouts to join Unity for the real AC upgrade. I'm calling it: AC Unity > AC Rogue in the reviews

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This is running on last gen? Why is this as good looking as the ass creed on ps4/x1?

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@silversix_ said:

This is running on last gen? Why is this as good looking as the ass creed on ps4/x1?

i was asking my self the same thing

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I don't know if I will buy this one. enjoyed AC4 Black Flag, but I'm encountering glitches in the game lately one of the fortress in the meduim region close to where you require your hideout is missing. you can see the fortress but is crambled and all the chests & fregmants are showing but you can't enter.

also ever since the first AC Ubi been releasing a new game every year but two in the same year is too much.

My eyes are on Unity if Ubi releases a clean version without any glitch which it seems they have problem doing due to yearly release & not having time to polish this series probably. the first AC on PS3 still rings a bell.

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@TheGuardian03 said:

Black Flag 2.0

Exactly, which is fine by me.

I have to agree, honestly I hope it comes to PC,X1 and PS4. If AC/ubi can one up and take what they learned from AC4 I'll buy that shyt day 1.

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It looks really interesting, i like that AC Unity and Rogue have distinct differences

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So AC4.5 on last gen, and AC5 on current gen. ... that seems ok by me. I liked AC4, so 4.5 wouldn't be too bad.