Appreciating the amazing gameplay in Last of Us!

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All though the gameplay in Last of Us does get a lot of love,

The story was so good that the gameplay doesnt get the full credit it deserves

The gameply in Last of Us was friggen amazing too.

Never played combat that tense, brutal, dynamic, engaging, and well thought out before (plus its backed up by real time crafting and item resource management thats all meaningful and fits)

Last of Us plays like a unique blend of a next gen ManHunt, MGS3, and RE4 all wrapped up into one

Plus the way the gameplay and story merged together so perfectly etc

Last of Us is just a god tier game. Easily one of the best games of all time, and my personal best game of all time and its also because of the gameplay! Naughty Gods indeed

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One of the things I Iove to do in Last of Us is alert an isolated runner, then frantically run away holding L2 (or L1 on PS4) On the dime I will bust a quick turn with a simultaneous down plus X, and try and line up my shot as the heavy drums start kicking in the background. So intense! I get off the shot as the runner gives chase trying to eat me. My heart is racing. The shot buckles it. Success! (The hit reactions/gunplay mechanics in Last of Us are some of the best out there) That then gives me the window of oppurtunty I need to choactically run toward it and brutally bash it with either an item or meele combo!

Its like one smooth chain combo that you create. Pulling it off feels so satisfying. It requires a surprising amount of precison and skill to pull off too

I also love to pull off brick throws to running pipe smash combos in Last of Us

The brick throw to running pipe smash combo in Last of Us is seriously one of the most satisfying gameplay combat sensations ever!

I also love setting traps, alerting an eneney and then leading him into it lol

I love to guide multiple enemies into an area and then molatov cocktail them.

Another thing I love to do in Last of Us is the frantic running dash toward an enemy into a grab and then into meele(knee) Its so smooth

I bet most people dont even know that when you down an enemy, if you point your gun at him, he will surrender and plead for his life too, but if you let him go, he will come after you when you turn your back (only to suprise you in another room)

Last of Us also has the greatest use of a BOW weapon ever! Just the metagame of trying to fire off safe shots so that you can go recover your arrow for another shot IS another AMAZING gameplay feeling in Last of Us

After doing a bunch of stuff like that durring gameplay in Last of Us NO ONE can tell me that the Last of Us doesnt have some of the best and most satisfying combat gameplay ever

Last of Us has AMAZA-BALLS gameplay!

Id love to hear what were other peoples favorite things to do durring gameplay or with the gameplay.

Doesnt even stop there too. There is just so much you can do with the gameplay in Last of Us...

-Stay hidden in stealth! Maneuvering around stellar level design, causing distractions via bricks or bottles, and picking enemies off one by one is such an amazing gameplay feat/ feeling in Last of Us

-You can even play cat and mouse with the enemies using the stellar level design to your advantages. Alert, run, hide in smart places, lead enemies into your traps etc

-When you get caught however, shit will hit the fan lol. But the gameplay gets adreanline pumping good as you try and run away, line up shots while on the run, or try to frantically brawl it out to survive, or hit with with items

In fact whats so great about the stealth mechanics in Last of Us is that even if you get caught you can still naturally lose enemies, re- strategize, and give it another go with the same gameplan or a different more offensive gameplan

As opposed to other stealth games where when you get caught, its game over or every guard instantly knows where you are. Thats why Last of Us has some of the best pure stealth mechanics

Not to even mention the super intense moments when youre low on health and need to run away to craft a med pack. The real time crafting adds another layer of suspense and strategy to the already deep combat

Amazing on the fly gameplay segements like that can happen regulary in Last of Us depending on how you play!

Then theres the moments where you have the ingredients to craft a molatov or a med pack and you have to choose. Some offensive and defensive items require the same indgredients and so you have to choose which play style you want.

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ugh...another brofists alt.

Anyway, TLoU was my favorite ps3 game last gen.

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So Last of Us has adaptive and dynamic stealth mechanics, amazing- meaty-ass-wholloping gunplay mechanics, and brutal brutal meele that all come together to create a unqiue smooth flowing combat style I havent ever seen or played before (that also has real time crafting and item resource managment) Further more it all fits the theme and style of the game perfectly. Brilliant design. Anyway, nothing plays like the Last of Us. Thats why when you hear someone say it has average or typical shooter gameplay you know they are full of it and or didnt play it right

Last of Us simply has AMAZABALLS gameplay. Naughty Dog are known for their story telling but Naughty Dog are the greatest gameplay designers of any AAA developer too

Like I alluded to earlier, whats unbelievable is that that amazing gameplay in Last of Us has an amazing story that fits perfectly and vice versa. Both only compliment each other and make each other whole. Last of Us is a god tier game and a huge leap forward for gaming. Naughty Dog fired on all cylinders and took gaming to new heights. BUT i want this thread to be about the gameplay. The greatness of the gameplay and in how it also fits and perfectly compliments the amazing story and vice versa are the real stars of the show. Hell some of the best dialouge happens in game durring the down time (by the way the Last of Us is also brilliantly paced. Those moments of down time exploration are like the calm before the storm and only highten the combat even more. Last of Us is easily my greatest game of all time. Amazing to think that the Naughty Gods are resonsible for 4 of the greatest games ever across 3 different gens; Crash, Jak & Daxter 1, Uncharted 2, Last of Us. We are witnessing history with Naughty Dog)

So tell me, what were some of your greatest gameplay moments in Last of Us. What actions did you like pulling off in the combat. Got any fun dynamic moments to talk about. Share it !!!

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You are insane, brofists.

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You are insane, brofists.

He's literally talking to himself...

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@remiks00 said:

ugh...another brofists alt.

Anyway, TLoU was my favorite ps3 game last gen.

Glad you loved it. Amazing game! Any fond memories youd like to share or experinces with it?

It wasnt just the best PS3 game, but the best last gen game for many period!

Many even consider Last of Us the greatest game of all time. I sure as heck do!

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