Anyone Else Kinda Resent The Fact Gaming Became Mainstream Culture?

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#51 Posted by DraugenCP (8479 posts) -

Well, that post was... awkward.

And I find both sides annoying. Both the people who try super hard to label themselves as 'nerds' and the people who get all defensive about some kind of 'geek culture'. Both are hipster beyond belief.

#52 Posted by goblaa (19304 posts) -

I'm sorry you don't feel special anymore...

#53 Posted by jimkabrhel (15424 posts) -

Nope. But I know it's the reason why "hardcore" gamers who do resent mainstream gaming hate Nintendo, since Nintendo has gone a long way to broaden gaming's audience.

#54 Posted by ReadingRainbow4 (16009 posts) -

mainstream gaming isn't the problem, it's certain companies that force devs to make games have mass appeal.

The line between genre's is becoming more and more of a blur, that's what I hate the most.