Another huge XBOX ONE advantage: The next HALO game!!

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I hate to say this but I have Halo. 4 and don't need your long spoiler to try and convince me. 343i did nothing but take all of Bungies hard work from previous titles and add a twist of COD. They created nothing more than a generic game. Could have been different if they took this title and made it their own but just like People Can Flys, Gears of War, 343 is milking a dead horse.

Maybe if Halo is fairly new to somebody, Halo 4 is for them. But for those of us who have been around the series since the original launch day and has multiplayer matches dating all the way back to 2002 on Gamespy and XBConnect tunnel networks, Halo 4 really falls short.

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I can't wait to try out halo reach and 4 as well as anniversary. The last game I played was 3 and it was meh compared to 2. 4 looks the best yet. Halo 5 can't come soon enough. Easily one of the best fps franchises.