Another cryptic trailer from Sony! #PlayStationGC

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15 seconds on IGN of axes and cracking ice. Be warned, it's very short and cryptic, so sorry for you sitting through a 30 second advertisement for an axe and a hashtag. I'll try and find a YouTube video or GIF to embed here ASAP.

Oh god, please be something new from Sony Santa Monica. Other people are guessing it could be something like Resi 7 or Until Dawn, some Move nonsense.

If this is 2014 I'll squeal.

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PS4 sucks. - Blabadon

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Whatever it is I hope it's a legit next gen game and not a remaster.

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Hoping it's anything except Until Dawn, unless that game was totally redone without move.

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Frozen: The Game

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New IP? Until Dawn? Resident Evil 7?

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@StrifeDelivery said:

Frozen: The Game

I would buy a second PS4 for that.

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Don't know what it is, but I'm not holding my breath. Sony really hasn't shown me anything spectaluar yet. Bloodborne looks like a hack & slash game with great music and some decent animation, but how much depth will it have? LittleBigPlanet 3 should be great, but more of the same. I still have high hopes for Drive Club, but we'll see. Hopefully Sony will have a couple more titles ready to launch this year.

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Im just gonna lower my expectations and assume it's Until Dawn.

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What's this until dawn game?. Never heard of it.