"Android Is Gaming’s Future, The One OS To Rule Them All".

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Nvidia has some side bets on Surface and Windows RT, but Android is the really exciting OS of the future, according to CEO and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang on an investor call today to discuss the company’s latest financial results. Huang pointed to the Shield as its means of furthering the growing Android gaming ecosystem, but games are truly only one part of the picture for Android’s bright future, he believes.

“Shield is our initiative to cultivate the gaming marketplace for Android,” Huang said, as quoted by ZDNet. “We believe that Android is going to be a very important platform for gaming in the future, and to do so we have to create devices that enable great gaming to happen on Android.”


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God no....lol

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Android lol, that has got to be the worst phone OS out the major competitors available, every phone runs like crap regardless of power

iOS>>>>Windows Phone>>>>>>BB10>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Android

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One OS to find them..

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Ummmmm No.

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@APiranhaAteMyVa: Speak for yourself,My Galaxy S4 runs amazingly well with no problems so you are wrong.

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Nvidia should of just had streaming with the Shield.

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Could an android device have mantle? I guess it could if an android device had gcn.

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Wow no, just no.

While I personally have not tried a Windows Phone, iOS beats out Android by miles. Yes Android can be hacked more, it can technically do more things if your good at hacking and programming. But for everyday use by most consumers, iOS is much more stable and faster even on phones with lesser hardware (exception if 5S, which currently has the best phone CPU out there right now).

@naz99, The galaxy phones are some the crappiest built phones out there. People are always coming in complaining that something doesn't work right on them and want them exchanged out for another, sometimes it is software based though and a factory reset fixes it. But proves my point, the Galaxy is build like crap and Android is buggy). It's also that the Galaxy just feels very flimsy and cheap compared to many other phones.

I would try the Windows phone before going to android.