Android based USB stick-sized console (OUYA rival)

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A new console project has appeared on Kickstarter. It's a USB sized TV console with a controler running on Android OS. It has been named the GameStick.

I just 1 day it already got ~75,000$ of support. It is set to rival OUYA and have a working prototype as shown in the video.

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>rival something that isn't out yet
>rival a weak piece of hardware that wont catch on

There are people who actually think Ouya can run Battlefield and Crysis.

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Unlikely. This will be significantly less powerful than the Tegra 3 in the Ouya. The HDMI spec sets an extremely low minimum on the 5V line, so they have to design for a very conservative power budget in order to ensure compatibility. Roku is building devices like this, but they're basically a wifi chip and a video decoder. If they didn't insist on the single-plug design, they'd be a lot better off.
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Go go ridiculous Kickstarter Backers!!! Do people really have this much expendable income? For yet another weird console that I have no idea who it's marketed at. Why wouldn't I just spent an extra $50 or less and get a Nintendo DS if I wanted great cheap portable gaming? Why do these small companies suddenly feel like playing phone games on a big screen is going to be the future of gaming? Just seems like a great way to go bankrupt to me.
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I expect way more out of a NEW CONSOLE than weak ass android.

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No thank you. I think my imagination has more gaming capabilities.
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While Ouya has yet to prove itself, though I'm hoping it is successful, it is a far better device than Game Stick. The memory in the Ouya is expandable via USB ports, features both Wi-Fi and Ethernet port for places where Wi-Fi is unavailable or presents issues, the control looks far more comfortable to hold, and features a touch pad so touch input is still a possibility.

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this is why ouya will fail anyone can make a android console. Its as stupid as making an window based console.

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