Alpha Centauri Spiritual Successor? new civ game details

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Civilization: Beyond Earth - Leaked earlier

-You'll go beyond earth as the title implies, making it more like Alpha Centauri.

- Out this Autumn

- You start on an alien world

- There are three types of worlds: Lush, Airy and Fungal

- You'll still be building cities like in CIv V but to expand to other planets you'll use outposts.

- You can be the first to explore a new planet and you may find some neutral creatures/races on those worlds. You can either destroy them or leave them be.

- Relics are still in.

- You can win the game by returning to earth. To do that you'll need to put a satellite in orbit around the earth and you can either return to earth to win or you can bring the refugees of earth to your home world.

- You can use diplomacy with other players right from the start.

- Fog of War is still present

- There are now orbital units that you can command like satellites.

Personally I think this is a great idea for a game!!! Playing civ on other planets!!! I am ready for that and it supposedly comes out this year!


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Here is another image

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This is EXACTLY want I wanted them to make. Im so psyched!

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Almost called this one yesterday. Just seemed too quick for Civ 6 and I've always wondered why they didn't expand on the concept more.

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ME too! Civ 5 feels new still. Hell It just came out, a few years ago.. It's weird the game from Civ4 to civ5 felt like a long time. The gap from civ5 til now seems very short. Maybe it's just me getting older making time fly by?

Civ4 had mods with plantary exploration and I loved it I was and am disapointed Civ 5 doesn't have any total conversion mods like that. Why a game with built in steam workshop has less impressive mods than the previous entry, I will never know. Hell the civ4 complete came bundled with mods like this made from the community.

Those mods were good, but they never combined civ on earth with civ in space. That is going to be impressive. I can't wait till more details are announced. And if the leak is correct, and it's comming out this year.. well that is shocking!

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Yeah, I know what you mean. I think its because the last expansion just came out last year. I thought it was too soon for Civ 6 too.

This really is the logical next step for the franchise.

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How would Civilization VI be too soon? Let's examine the history of the series starting with Civilization III:

Civilization III - 2001

Last Civilization III Expansion - 2003

Civilization IV - 2005 (four years since Civilization III)

Last Civilization IV Expansion - 2008

Civilization V - 2010 (five years since Civilization IV)

Gods and Kings - 2012

Brave New World - 2013

Timeline wise it could make sense to have a Civilization VI announcement sometime this year, and possibly a release date in early to mid 2015. That's obviously not happening, but it'd still makes sense timeline wise. If it comes out, it'd probably be 2016 at the earliest. That's fine, I'll probably be playing this until then. Hyped.

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@-Karmum-: Yeah you are right about the timeline. My point was about perception, at least to me. It feels like Civ5 just came out, and as wolverine pointed out, the last expansion just came out last year. The time between civ4- 5 felt like a long time as there was a 2 year gap before the last epansion and civ5. Or it could just be me getting old and time flying by faster.

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@-Karmum-: I cannot argue with this. Well researched, and proves me wrong. I'm man enough to admit it.

My perception of time is way out on this. Feels like Civ V hasn't been out that long.

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Holy shit this looks amazing. AND IT'S COMING OUT THIS YEAR. #basedFiraxis

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Ha, well we're all getting older so perhaps it's that. But still, a 2015 release would be two years after G&K. Anyway, we're still getting a new Civilization game that's giving us a whole new setting and way to play (as of recent Civilization games anyway). Not complaining at all.

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Cant wait. Civ is the perfect time wasting game for me. With it being turned based I can watch TV or cook food or anything else while the AI makes their moves. Just hope that AI gets a little smarter than in 5 though.

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FINALLY a spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri

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Civilization? ..meh

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I loved alpha centauri, just another reason to get a gaming pc. Takin the plunge next month

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Looks absolutely fantastic. This is huge; been waiting for them to do this for years.

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would bang

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I hope it gets a console release :-(

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The announcement video was pretty cool. I was expecting Civ VI, but I really like this news.

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cool. I love these types of strategy games. The setting is awesome too.

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I said not too long ago why I thought Alpha Centauri was the best civ game (in their respective times of release), so YEAH I'm ready!

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wait wait . An alpha centuri spiritual successor coming out this year ? Bye bye sleep

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Not a fan of the Civ games but this looks sweet.

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Not in space.

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Awesome news! Day 1 for me.

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2014? sold!

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@mems_1224 said:
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Wow, that trailer is amazingly well made, impressive!

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Not gonna even pretend. I will own this minute one and play the ever living crap out of it. No sense even thinking otherwise.