AA (8/10) Games Which Have Aged Well

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Yeah, um... about that other thread I made...

Many games have gotten AA (8/10) reviews, being casted below the AAA standard, yet years from then, many AAA's have been forgotten and a good degree of AA games are still remembered

Psychonauts and Beyond Good and Evil. Majora's Mask, too.

Any others?

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-Beyond Good and Evil

-Smash Bros (N64)

-Punch-Out!! (SNES)

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Pikmin aged well due to it's uniqueness. But I'm still angry that there's no sensitivity settings yet the game has strict hitbox requirements. And how how the pikmin erratically disobey me.

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I'd say most snes, sega gen games. Because they relied on fun game play over graphics. Games that are newer even fun ones also relied a lot of graphics at the time.