A timeline breakdown for the PS4 Oh the tears *update

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I think Pach took a jab at Sony in his latest Pach-Attack video. He says to the guy in the background, "How long am I supposed to take doing this? A minute and a half or three and a half? Guy replies, "Three and a half is good." Pach then smiles and says, "There's not enough to talk about". OoosSNAP! lol

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@stereointegrity said:

i wonder what lems excuse will be when the ps4 dominates the xbone 720 in sales

You sure about that?

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How is this still open Wasdie?

Mine was dealt with rather swiftly by you this morning and that was just for shits and giggles.

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@ReadingRainbow4: its just a timeline lol

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@delta3074 said:

@AmazonTreeBoa said:

The stupidity being displayed today is at an all time high.

True, enough Cows look a little bit stupid today, thats what happens when you hype a game as the second coming.

If it was the other way around Cows would be gloating as well dude, you know that.

I have a suspicion theres going to be some stupid looking lemmings over the coming weeks, no way the gaming media is going to let DR3 off the hook if it releases with the bugs and framerate issues it's got.

Don't overhype games, save face later on, simples:)

Cows look stupid on a regular basis. Nothing new here.

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Ouch, Flopnacks and Flopzone Shadow Flop flopped hard as hell, lmao, all the hype for 4/10 and 7/10 haha.

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@godspellwh said:

@clr84651: with 2 two copies of KZSF ?


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I can't wait for my PS4 tomorrow!

I'm very excited. I'm looking forward to playing Killzone, BF4 and AC4.

Out of the roughly 8,000 units in the wild now, only 8 have been confirmed defective. That's what...0.001% failure rate?

And a big chunk of those are used PS4s from tradeshows given away to the media people.

I'm not concerned. If MY unit doesn't work tomorrow, THEN I'll be raising hell.

Regardless, if the PS4 turn out to be duds, I can assure you I will NEVER be buying a XB1. I'll just go 100% into PC gaming and never look at a console again until the SteamBox comes out.

$500 for a 720p upscaler is unacceptable.