A Question for the Xbone gamers

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Poll: A Question for the Xbone gamers (14 votes)

Rogue Legecy please 57%
Killzone: Shadow Fall, I suppose 43%

Would you rather see Rogue Legacy or Killzone: Shadowfall appear on your console?

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Rogue Legacy is incredible. Killzone sucks. Dumb question

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Not sure what Rogue Legacy is, and I've alreeady got KZ on the PS4 and, to be honest, I'm hating it. It's pretty as hell, but the campaign is boring and tedious.

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Rogue Legacy runs on old dusty laptops. Just play it on the PC you are currently using to browse the forum right now. Unless you are using mobiles... ah well.

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Your threads suck lol. Anyway, Rogue Legacy (Never heard of this game, but why in the hell would Xbone users want Killzone? cmon...).

I have a ps4, Killzone is pretty basic, but the multiplayer can be fun.

#5 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8524 posts) -

Not sure what rogue legacy is and kz can stay on ps4

#6 Posted by StrongDeadlift (5176 posts) -

Not an Xbone gamer, and never heard of Rogue Legacy...... but Rogue Legacy.

Upon discovering what Rogue Legacy is, I would still have to say...Rogue Legacy.

#7 Posted by xxyetixx (1296 posts) -

Just give me a new Rainbow 6 and some COD and I'm cool

#8 Posted by Evo_nine (1741 posts) -

Rogue legacy? never heard of it, sounds crap.

Watching paint dry is more entertaining than killzone.

So I'll sayyyyyy....titanfall

#9 Posted by Rage010101 (5470 posts) -

Rogue Legacy, a game that requires more skill than anything on the PS4 and X1 combined. I personally loved it. Got it on steam during the Thanksgiving Sale.

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Might as well make a TitanFall PS4 begging thread now.

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Most pc gamers understand TitanFall is artificially media manufactured hype infused to imagine the the future of the video game medium to what is most financially beneficial for publishers.

#12 Posted by annunaki_ (51 posts) -

neither, killzone is going to be as boring as watching paint dry on any console. i havent heard of rogue so idc about it. OH and since i own all the consoles and im not a flaming fanboy at all just thought id point out that even though Ryse score here sucked its most entertaining next gen E title ive enjoyed enough to play through to the end, its not amazing but its story was decent , the battles on hardest difficulty were fun and it played nice and smooth . killzone is a dreary boring mess a potentially good story totally wasted and they create this big shiny world but forgot to populate it, game has no soul imo. and final note ps4 conroller OWNS xbones controller.

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Rogue Legacy is great, but why have it on consoles when any computer could run it, and it is very cheap to buy from Steam. I would like to play Killzone SF just for the story, It looks bad though.

#14 Posted by blackace (20886 posts) -

Never heard of Rouge Legacy, so I can't even answer that. I already have KZ:SF for my PS4, so I don't need it on my XBox One. ;)

#15 Posted by sukraj (23040 posts) -

I'd like to see killzone on the xbox one.