A demo for Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle is coming

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Seriously try it

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Sweetness. I suck at fighting games, but I'm willing to give this one a shot. It just looks so ridiculous and fun.

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Hmm I'll definitely give it a try.

Btw Stardust Crusaders the anime (2014 version) just started this week. Oh yeah. 8) Hopefully they will animate all the rest. hehe.

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Hope you two enjoy it

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I don't want you to cry. You don't need a Japanese account for this, do you?

Also, does it have a dress-up mini-game?

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I only hear bad things about this game, so I'm interested to see how poor the reviews will be.

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I'll try it, if it's decent enough, I'll give it a buy.

*Also, limited physical release always become high value items :D*

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I bought it on it's Japanese release. It's better then your standard Anime fighter. As far as complexity, it's better then something like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm but isn't even as deep as Persona 4 Arena with it's combos and strategies. If you want to play an Anime fighter that isn't mindless but also has a tiny bit of combo depth, this is the game as long as you like JoJo.

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imported it last year because lol waiting a year for a bad game.

it's decent, a mindless fighter with a slight amount of depth. only buy if you're a fan of JoJo.

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I don't have time for demos, but I will consider picking up the physical copy of the game when it releases.

I still own JoJo on PSOne, but that was a Capcom fighter.