720P is bad for your eyes

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jaggies everywhere, especially with baked lighting, oversaturated color or crushed black....very nauseating, vomit-enducing, eww nasty

I don't know how anyone can play in 720P in 2013 .....and that after spending 500 bucks

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Anti-aliasing is nice.

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I know man. I cant watch anything under 8K Rez!

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So are your posts.

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Oh look, another pathetic troll thread with 0 effort put into it. Shit thread is shit.

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@lundy86_4 said:

So are your posts.

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It's not bad, its just pathetic. 1080p has been around for a decade, and a $500 entertainment box in 2013 can't even run shitty looking games like CoD in 1080p. MS isn't going for parity against the PS4, they're going for parody(™)