5 things LA Noire got right

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1. immersive authentic portrayal of the time period

2. variety in gameplay

3. expands gameplay beyond just spatial reasoning

4. characters are human - not idealized

5. immense cast of distinct character ; genuine humanity

In many ways I think LA Noire is well ahead of its time. Its in my top 10 games of the generation. Red Dead and GTA V get more appeal. I can understand GTA V for those who want to have reckless fun but when it comes to storytelling, LA Noire has so much depth. And tends to avoid the cliches of badass gun-toting hero slays the bad guys that we're so used to.

I hope in time people will look back and appreciate it as one of the 7th gens best games once we move past the killing-zombies phase.

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also, LA Noire on my PC > any game on your PS4 graphically.

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Manhunt was RS' best game.

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I wanted to like it but the core gameplay just didn't hook me. I do wish Rockstar gives the series another try though. I see potential and admire the gutsy change of pace from most games.

Not sure if the rights belong to the defunct Team Bondi or Rockstar now

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@drekula2 said:

also, LA Noire on my PC > any game on your PS4 graphically.

prove it

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I, LOVED la noire. One of the most unique and compelling games I've ever played. The script and voice acting is top notch. The virtual world in 1947 was fantastically made. Stories referenced other stories and built on top of each other. It is one of a kind.

And a part of me actually doesn't want a sequel or imitator because there is nothing out there like this game.

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i think of it like portal. portal 2 came out fine.

i want la noire 2 but ill wait 7 years if it means a totally new experience

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@drekula2 said:

2. variety in gameplay

3. expands gameplay beyond just spatial reasoning

As in you can straight up suck as a cop, and suffer no impunity for it other than a brief cutscene.

or the fact that the detective work is straight up simple to the point of being mind numbing, and on it's worst segments hands you the answers on a silver platter. Yes truly some impressive gameplay achievements in LA Noire.

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One of the best games I've ever played.

Looking forward to Whore of the Orient.

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@jg4xchamp said:

...you can straight up suck as a cop, and suffer no impunity for it

Confirmed, LA Noire is just like real life.

Also, you're using impunity incorrectly.

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Five things it didn't get right:

(1) the motion capture animation was inefficiently designed and took up large amounts of data, not to mention more time to complete

(2) the large scale and openness of the city had little diversions outside the main story

(3) the game being a mystery and heavily story driven left little replay value outside of trying to get more perfect runs of each of the chapters

(4) the game took 6 years to develop, strained relationships with Take Two to the point Take Two needed to send their own people in to wrap things up and release it after it was continually delayed and delayed; this burned bridges with Take Two, Team Bondi quickly fell apart

(5) the game is among the worst offenders of cutting content out of the game to give to retailers as pre-order incentives, each retailer chain getting a separate DLC chapter, and these would later be sold off as overpriced and underwhelming DLC or part of the "season pass", which only saw two new cases

- - - - -

now, that being said it was still a great game, could have been better though, not the least bit sad that Team Bondi went kaput

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I was constantly shouting at my tv about what the cop should had said when one of the options was picked, instead he would flat out yell "GUILTY" instead of using logic.

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Interactive fiction which didn't reach it's full potential.

I loved the themes and the world they recreated (although there plainly should have been more to do) but like others have said, it was impossible to fail. I want a game where your investigation can be thoroughly cocked up. where you can use your personal skills to come to 10 different conclusions and the knowledge that if you fail, it's bad. Proper investigation, proper problem solving.

Reading people's facial expressions and previously obtained evidence to ascertain whether they were telling the truth, it's such a great gaming mechanic. It throws up tons of possibilities for a completely different case with each person. Instead, the differences were minimal and the story ended the same each time.

Would have loved an LA Noire 2 with the full potential reached.

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A sequel could be especially good, if they tweak the conversation options and if the focus does not shift to shoot-outs. (Or does not make the shoot-outs too arcade-y. Less over the top, more realistic reloading etc.)

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L.A. Noire was pretty great until Homicides. Everything after that was boring. They should have made it Homicides only.

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Those 1st 3 points are a stretch.... I agree with the last 2.

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Too bad it wasn't fun.