3DS Is a failure in the west, and only pokemon can save it!

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#51 Posted by Thefatness16 (4672 posts) -

It's not anywhere near failing, but I'd assume Nintendo wishes it was doning better. 120k-200k a month isn't spectacular, but with handhelds now competing with smart phones it was to be expected.

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Explain why the 3ds is getting it's second price cut

Which is pretty sad considering it's been out for less then 2 years, that shows how much of a flop it is.


19 mil july of 2012Sony would kill an entire orphanage full of defenseless children for vita sales like that

Vita is dead, but the 3ds is lagging way behind in the west, japan is the reason why it's selling so good these days.


22 million 3DS's.

~8 million in Japan if we look at Media Create.

Which means ~14 million in the west.

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Pokemon's been dead for years. The only good games were Red and Blue.clyde46
:lol: The first generation is sh*t compared to any other generation.

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LOLOLOL... 3DS flops in sell.. good one. 22M Worldwide only 8M in Japan.. What is your definition of failure?

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If you consider the 3DS a flop, then I don't want to know what the Vita is then and we already know that.

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3DS might be doing great numbers in japan but it's a different story in the west.

Getting thumped 2/1 from the PS3 and 3/1 from the 360 "on black friday" proves how much of a failure the 3DS currently is.

Nintendo has released basically every mario game known to man on that system and it did jack shet meaning there is only 1 game left.


pokemon is not only bigger then mario in the west, but it's actually the only ip nintendo has left that stands a chance in this smartphone dominated market.


ohh god not you. Its people like you that make others think pokemon is for mentally challenged children,