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Until the greatest video game system ever Xbox One is released!

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Whoopty doo

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You mean the worlds most expensive remote control.

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Looking forward to it! Best? Could be. Most innovative of the new Gen? Yep.

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Love the jealousy in here!

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Man only 17 days until the Xbox 720 releases... does it come with a free order of draconian BS?

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Since the X1 lost me on multiplats, I'm more interested in the count down till Halo 5.

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Yes, yes I tend to agree.

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Now you can watch football.

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And only 19 days 2 hours and 5 minutes before potentially the continuation of one of the greatest series of games to be revealed.

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Don't you mean the greatest video game console released by the most beloved console maker? Go Microsoft! (seriously, I love Xbox )

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The greatness is doesn't wait with the Xbox One. Xbox One is greatness!

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@multipass35: Can you please edit the name of the console please? I think you've mistaken with 'One', it should be '720p', thanks.

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They'll still be on shelves... collecting dust.

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Yes it does release then.

Greatest video game console, well I guess that is your opinion and you are entitled to it.

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Xbox 720p


$500 for weaker hardware


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Xbox 720p


$500 for weaker hardware


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Living in Australia il be one of the lucky ones to get this first :)

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Lol, it's hardly the greatest system ever, Infact it's looking to be one of the worst systems.

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I cannot wait to get my hands on xbox one this month.