Your biggest fantasy bust this season

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#1 Posted by ChiefvsGordon (1085 posts) -

Who is the worst person you picked up so far. For me it has to be cj spiller. Two good games and those were both the times I decided to bench him. On top of that he was my first round pick. I was deciding between him and calvin johnson. so frustrating, reminds me of Larry Fitz last season.

#2 Posted by Boston_Boyy (4019 posts) -

I basically had the Murphy's law of drafts with CJ Spiller, Chris Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Hakeem Nicks, RG3, and Owen Daniels in the first 7 rounds (with one saving grace, Brandon Marshall in the second).

But it's not all bad, I did get good value with Gio Bernard, Pierrce Garcon, and Antonio Brown immediately after that stretch, who, along with some favorable matchups and waiver pick-ups (TY Hilton, Andre Ellington, Chiefs D) has kept me at 5-5 and the verge of playoff contention.

#3 Posted by RevanBITW (724 posts) -

Larry Fitzgerald all the way.

#4 Posted by monkeytoes61 (8391 posts) -

David Wilson in one league. Doug Martin, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan as my first three picks in another.

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@monkeytoes61 said:

David Wilson in one league. Doug Martin, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan as my first three picks in another.

Just curious, but was this other league a 2 QB league?

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@Boston_Boyy said:

@monkeytoes61 said:

David Wilson in one league. Doug Martin, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan as my first three picks in another.

Just curious, but was this other league a 2 QB league?

Yeah it is. Decided to rack up points with premier QBs and let my sleepers at other positions get enough points for wins. Well, at least the latter is working well, those sleeper picks are the only reason I'm not 0-9.

#7 Posted by The-Apostle (12193 posts) -

Spiller and David Wilson in one, I forget who in my other one.

#8 Posted by GotFiveRings (527 posts) -

That piece of shit Ginas RB. Fuck him!

#9 Posted by Seabas989 (11308 posts) -

Anquan Boldin has disappeared since week 1 and that one game against the Rams.

Other wasted draft picks: Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis, Sebastian Janikowski, Greg Jennings.

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Roddy White. Only one player for me. Everyone else is playing up to level. 2nd rank in my league.

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Roddy White

Texans defense

#12 Posted by Ballroompirate (23862 posts) -

Roddy White

Tom Brady

Tony Gonzalez

#13 Posted by CreatureRising (1533 posts) -

Julio Jones and Arian Foster.

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I'd have to say the vast majority of fantasy owners have at least one highly drafted bust at RB this year, at the rate this season is going in regards to injuries there won't be a first round RB left standing by the playoffs.

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Roddy White but it's only because he's been injured so I can't hate on him too much, as for real bust aka guys that were fully healthy and projected to do good but didn't I wanna give a huge shout out to monte ball for doing absolutely nothing good at all, the guy played poorly in the preseason and didn't seize his opportunity when it counted, couldn't block, couldn't run, he was supposed to be my #3 back but ended up in waivers early on

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@CreatureRising said:

Julio Jones and Arian Foster.

to be fair julio jones was pretty good the weeks he did play. but that was a waste of an early pick for me as well.

#17 Posted by CommanderShiro (21746 posts) -

Doug Martin, Ray Rice, Arian Foster

#18 Posted by The-Apostle (12193 posts) -

MJD. He chose the week AFTER I cut him to have a good game. What about all those other times I played him? Huh?

#19 Posted by dcowboys3315 (3044 posts) -

Doug Martin and Larry Fitz. Fitzgerald is just so inconsistent. I can't even bring myself to start him anymore.

#20 Posted by SoNin360 (5724 posts) -

McFadden, but I definitely had that coming. My RBs are bad, I have to use Ryan Matthews as my second RB. He's been hit or miss, but I tend to play him the wrong weeks.

#21 Posted by jg4xchamp (51318 posts) -

David Wilson

Third round you piece of shit. Was suppose to be a glorious running back trio with Beast Mode, the Inconvenient Truth, and The Cry Baby. Luckily Knowshon Moreno ended up having a monster fantasy season, and also cries during pregame.

#23 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20397 posts) -

my fantasy team has been doing well this year so i haven't really been let down by a pick i depended on, but i did end up trading for darren mcfadden the week before he got injured.