Could the Rams return to LA?

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Apparently, their owner purchased a possible future site in Inglewood.


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Not sure if this is a significant move or not to be honest, it's a fun move to make but Kroneke has always been into real estate development, and I don't see the team staying in St Louis with the inevitability of a move hanging over their head caused by a new stadium being constructed. That being said I wouldn't be shocked if the Rams were one of the teams who end up finally biting the bullet on a move to LA, and honestly I don't see the team moving from St Louis as a gaping void. And before someone pulls out the inevitable 'BUT THEY ALREADY HAD TWO TEAMS" argument, I'd suggest doing research on the 'why' of that situation, and not forget that the city of St Louis previously had a team as well.

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Kroneke is a business man, buying land and developing it = profit.

I doubt the Rams move back to L.A.

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LA needs a team.. C'mon Rams or Raiders!