2014 NFL Mock Draft Top 10 - Version 9

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Posted by 69ingChimpmunks (110 posts) -

1. Houston Texans - Teddy Bridgewater, QB
I doubt the Texans will keep the first overall pick considering they want to trade but should it come down to it, They would take the highly praised Bridgewater.

2. St. Louis Rams - Jake Matthews, OT
It's tough to see the Rams holding onto both first rounders, I think they'd also trade down a few spots as well. Should they stay, They'd take Matthews to fix their lack-luster offensive line.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Sammy Watkins, WR
Watkins gives them a speedy receiver who would be a good weapon for Glennon and great opposite of Vincent Jackson.

4. Oakland Raiders - Jadeveon Clowney, DE
Clowney would be a god send for the Raiders. If they can get him, They'll take him.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars - Johnny Manziel, QB
A great arm, accuracy, and a threat with his legs. He can be the offensive spark they need in Jacksonville. Not to mention the ability to fill seats.

6. Cleveland Browns - Mike Evans, WR
A big receiver who can catch anything thrown to him. It'd be great to see him opposite of Gordon.

7. Atlanta Falcons - Greg Robinson, OT
Fills a hole on their offensive line and hopefully bring down the sack total on Matt Ryan.

8. Minnesota Vikings - Blake Bortles, QB
With a rather complete offense, Bortles should have no problem developing into a solid quarterback. He does have a lot of bust potential though.

9. Buffalo Bills - Anthony Barr, OLB
With skills similar to Clowney's, The Bills would be stupid to pass on this defensive beast.

10. Tennessee Titans - Khalil Mack, OLB
Mack is a turnover machine who would be a great addition to the Titans' defense.

#1 Posted by CWEBB04z (4662 posts) -

I don't know why Bridgewater is considered the consensus number 1 pick. He's not that much better than Bortles or Manziel, and the dude is 190 lbs. He wouldn't be able to take a lot of licks.

The Rams aren't taking Clowney. They have an all pro duo of Long and Quinn. If they are staying put, they take Mathews or a guy like Evans or Watkins.

The Raiders pick before the Falcons do

I don't see the Jaguars trading up, they need all their picks.

and wtf is up with 69ing Chipmunks? you got an animal fetish?

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1. Bortles is overrated. It's tough to see Manziel going first, even though he is my top QB pick, because he isn't that tall and could be open to big hits. Bridgewater seems to be, despite me agreeing he is overrated, the consensus number 1 and a lot of teams want him so what can you do.

2. I think Clowney would almost be too good to pass up. I don't think the Rams would stay put though, They'd probably trade down a few spots because there are plenty of good offensive lineman available.

3. My bad, Will have to edit because I did it off ESPN rankings, Not NFL.

4. If Bridgewater or Manziel goes first, I think they'd trade up to get the other.

5. It's a South Park reference from the Human-Cent-Ipad episode.

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how the hell is blake bortles overrated?

NO ONE is giving him a shot but todd mcshay. blake has a really good completion rate on a team that doesn't have the best receivers. AND he can run the ball. that's all blake.